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Acrylate modified silicone oil MY2032

    Key words: photocured silicone oil, acrylate modified silicone oil



    The acrylate-modified polysiloxane has excellent flow promotion, degassing effect and anti-backlash effect.


    Technical indicators:

    Appearance: gray-green transparent liquid,

    Active content: 99.9%

    Refractive index (25C): 1.4013-1.4106

    Viscosity (25C): 60-150cp


    Product Features:

    It is especially suitable for radiation curing system and color paint formulation, crosslinkability, high efficiency, improved scratch resistance, anti-marker, slight increase of slip and defoaming effect.


    Suggested addition amount:

    Stencil printing ink 0.1-1.5%

    Light curing printing ink and varnish 0.1-1.0%

    Screen printing ink 0.1-2.0%


    User's guidance:

    Stir before use.

    Add to the coating in the form of a original or pre-dilution.

    Pre-dilution with the recommended solvent simplifies the mixing operation.

    Particularly suitable for addition to grinding.

    High shear or pre-dilution is required when adding to the lower half or varnish.


    Packaging and storage requirements: 25/200kg iron drum/IBC

    Sealed and stored, storage period of 6 months at room temperature.

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