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Bis-epoxy single-end silicone oil MY3596

    Bis-epoxy single-end silicone oil MY3596

    Product description:

    It is a single-ended, di-epoxy modified polydimethylsiloxane with a molecular weight of 4000. It can be used in resin synthesis and modification, as well as thermosetting coatings or inks to provide good water, stain and anti-graffiti functions. Can greatly improve the slip and wear resistance.

    Technical Parameters:

    Parameter                                 value

    Appearance:         Yellow transparent to translucent liquid

    Refractive index 25°C :        1.4080±0.0050

    Epoxy value:                        0.035±0.003

    Viscosity 25°C/cps :                  80±20

    Non-volatile % :                      ≥95.00


    High reactivity;

    Good waterproof and oil proof function;

    Excellent anti-fouling and anti-graffiti function;

    Improves slip and wear resistance.


    Resin synthesis and modification

    Thermosetting coating or ink


    Synthetic resin: added in the latter stage of resin synthesis.

    Coatings and inks: can be added during or after the manufacturing process. It is recommended to dilute with 3-5 times with a suitable solvent before adding. High-speed dispersion is required to achieve the best system distribution and miscibility.

    Use restrictions:

    This product has not been tested or stated to be suitable for consumption, medical or pharmaceutical use. 

    Storage and expiration date:

    Stored at 38 ° C or below without opening, the product has a shelf life of 24 months.

    production. package:

    Sample packaging: 125ml brown glass bottle

    Finished packaging: 25KG iron drum or 200L/IBC drums.

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