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Don't want to be a greasy girl? You need to know that.

2019-10-28 3864500

This year's "greasy" is really a way of reciting words, and greasy side are not good. [check the stars with greasy acting skills] and [what behaviors of boys will appear greasy] will get a lot of "warm responses".
But! Girls don't think this topic has nothing to do with themselves. A girl who doesn't pay attention can easily become "greasy girl". Now, all girls! (Li Jiaqi's accent) come and take a seat. Which greasy girl are you?
Fancy style
The latest style of the season, the bling bling jewelry, will say hello to any single item you like, without subtraction, without style, and the whole person is "disorderly".
This, is that you?
Flirtatious and dark
I like dis people all day, eat biaji mouth, shout to lose weight but still milk tea fried chicken, only in the circle of friends.
If you see such a greasy girl, please stay away!
Oil in powder oil
Eager to be a "beauty blogger", green eye shadow, fly legs, face oil and float powder, with some big heat but not suitable for their own lipstick and foundation color number, resulting in dirty makeup.
Fried vegetable with oil
Uh huh? Is the oil head the latest model in 2019?
Of course, it's the oil head caused by no shampoo. Think about it. When you go downstairs to the garbage, the God of man will come face to face. How can you meet the God of man if you haven't washed the greasy head for a few days?
How many of the above greasy lists did you win? It's time to say goodbye to the greasy girl!
See my recommendation for autumn and winter wear in 2019. This is a skill you must learn to wear in autumn and winter. Please check it. Skin care has said many times. Skin care 520 is coming. Let me teach you a unique way to win!
But it's not enough to do well in dressing and skin care. I believe you have met the following situations:
I washed my head in the morning. It's so greasy before I get off work.
It's 2 o'clock in the middle of the night. The God of man will meet at 10 o'clock tomorrow, but I'm really tired and don't want to wash my hair.
My hair is soft and my face is big. What should I do?
How can a fairy be ruined by her hair? Let's talk about the secret script of "oil head" today.
To be greasy and lazy
Bess water free shampoo spray
Although it's the first time I've talked about it, it's basically a piece that I always have. Here is the blue water free shampoo. This is really my favorite. I must look for the opportunity to recommend your artifact.
As the name suggests, it's a shampoo that doesn't need washing. And it is not foam or other texture. It is sprayed out and dry powder. The main ingredient is natural rice starch.
It's no exaggeration, 30 seconds to get rid of oil, which is not enough time for you to reply to the God of men's information.
I'll show you how to use it first (in order to write this for you, I also spell it for 3 days without shampoo)
Watch this head (it's going to scrape off a layer of oil)
Shake it first.
Open your hair and spray the spray away from the root of the oil 30 centimeters. Spray it not too near, or it will be too uneven.
Remember to have multiple angles, different oil outlets, a small number of times, even spray, have been lazy with no wash spray, do not be lazy this step. If it's more embarrassing because of uneven spraying, oil and dry hair
AI, after spraying, reach into the hair root with your fingertips, gently rub the hair root / hair, rub it, the magic natural rice starch can quickly absorb the grease on the hair, and instantly remove the oil.
Finally, we need to use the comb to arrange the hair style, remove the excess visible white powder, and get rid of the washing free step + modeling step of the lazy girl.
In summary, it is "spray, rub and comb"
The hair immediately looks clean and fluffy! Tips: it can also be used by girls with soft hair~
The originator of lazy world
No.1 water free shampoo
When it comes to being lazy, you are not the first one, but Beatrice is the one who is lazy and steals the power and realm. It was born in the UK. As early as the 1970s, it has developed a dry shampoo cleaning method. After 40 years of formula upgrading, it has accumulated many fans.~
As the core component of water-free shampoo, natural rice starch has a special molecular structure, which can be adsorbed on the hair and "absorb" excess oil. The little friend who is confused can try this. First, put olive oil on his palm, spray Beatrice, use oil absorption paper, and then look at the oil absorption paper to know how effective the rice starch oil absorption is.
In addition, this spray 0 is very relieved to add harmful substances (0 fat, 0 silicone oil, 0 surface active agent, 0 sulphate, 0 methyl isothiazolone, 0 pigment).
Top fashion in Europe and the United States also love it very much. From 2010 to 2013, it won 23 annual fashion awards and is a regular visitor in the backstage of fashion week. Sun Qiang king, a long-term professional commentator and technical tutor of Shanghai International Film Festival, Shanghai Fashion Week, TV programs, fashion magazines and TV online media, regards Beatrice as an essential part of modeling. Fashion fairies, hurry up!
As a fashion beauty blogger, I really recommend that you always have a Beatty for daily use and emergency. There are 6 pieces in total, different fragrance types. For the little fairies who don't need it and have the choice of phobia, it's better to join them. Because there are so many reasons why we need to be lazy.
If you want to stay in bed in the morning and have no time to wash your hair, you can use it to help you.
Now there are more and more good-looking little brothers. It's a habit that we can't give up. Sleeping late is definitely the oil head maker. With Beatrice, we can endure the deepest night and stay the freshest hair.
Male god suddenly about, too late to wash his hair, it is absolutely a small emergency expert;
There are also fairies who like to go hiking and challenge themselves, but also Beatrice, which is convenient, fast, clean and sanitary.
It's double eleven.
I'm going to stock up again.
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OK, today's grass planting is here. Do you have Beatrice's old powder?
Come to the comment area and share your experience.~

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