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The light of Chinese products! Zhangguang 101 shampoo series

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Zhangguang 101 shampoo series
Bei Ma's thoughts
Are you still worried about hair loss? "Light of domestic products" Zhang Guang 101, let you say goodbye to any worries about hair loss. Fundamentally solve the problems of hair loss and dryness, so that you can use it safely and buy it safely!
Scalp care is us
The key to solving hair problems!
If hair wants to be healthy, it must start from the root
The health of hair depends on its inadequate nutrition
Hair grows in the hair follicles of the scalp
The health of trees comes from the nourishment of roots
And the nutrition of hair is that the scalp hair follicle provides the hair root.
And then from the root to each hair.
The more nutritious the hair, the stronger it will be
The more shiny, the smoother~
The hair itself has no cells.
Able to absorb nutrition and metabolism
It's all done through hair follicles.
The healthier the hair follicle, the healthier the hair
So the health of hair follicles determines the growth and shedding of hair.
More or less, good or bad hair
Today's recommendation of Zhangguang 101 Shampoo
It nourishes hair follicles every day
Soothing scalp, healthy hair
Understanding Zhang Guang 101
Zhangguang 101 is an old brand!
As the light of domestic products, Zhang guang101
Once saved countless people's hair and went to the world
Since its establishment, it has a history of 45 years.
Always adhere to the concept of plant hair care
Adhere to the concept of "hair cultivation starts from the scalp"
As the leader of domestic hair industry
Reputation can be said to be famous at home and abroad
6 times going abroad to participate in the World Expo
Won 11 international awards!
Products sold well in 60 countries and regions
Relieve the troubles of more than 30 million people with hair loss
Zhangguang 101 has a complete range of hair care product lines
Whether it's anti shedding hair, daily shampoo, or hair care matching products
Perfectly considering the needs of different hair quality people
We all know that the most serious hair loss in Asia is in Japan.
In 1989, Zhang guang101 became a state ritual
To Japanese Prime Minister takeshida
This caused the fire of Zhangguang 101 in Japan.
Loved by countless hair loss people in Japan
Behind the professional treatment of hair loss is
Research and development team of joint Nobel Prize winners
Hold the exclusive patent hair follicle activating liquid technology approved by the state
Excellent gene resistant and effective
Well received by users, with monthly sales exceeding 10000
It's the star product of Zhangguang 101
The national is the world's
This Zhangguang 101 Shampoo
Ergonomic bottle design
Elastic pressing mouth, easy to carry
Available for men and women~
Main ingredients and efficacy
Chip removal /
Dandruff removing and itching relieving, scalp relaxing and strong barrier
Extract of Fructus Cnidii, Aesculus, saprophylla, etc.
No more worries about the four major problems
Group I dandruff
Dandruff caused by overgrowth of bacteria -- the effect of penetrating scalp is straightforward
II. False dandruff
Cuticle thickening, seasonal turnover or chemical dandruff
Ⅲ stubborn dandruff
The dandruff is capricious and sticks to the scalp in pieces, which is not easy to fall
Ⅳ excessive head oil
Hair moisture loss, irritant
Oil gland excretes oil and gives you a relaxed feeling!
Oil control /
Extract of Fructus Cnidii, Aesculus, saprophylla, etc.
Zhang Guang 101 Ruisi scalp care oil control Shampoo
Developed for oily hair
Vegetable healing pure plant silicone free amino acid shampoo
Ufa /
Extracts of Polygonum multiflorum, black sesame, Ligustrum lucidum, etc.
People say hair is the second face
The quality of hair determines the beauty
White hair that can't be covered will not only affect the beauty
It's also a big blow to self-confidence.
Zhangguang 101 Yangyuan black hair shampoo
Helps balance the scalp's barrier function from the outside
So as to infiltrate hair follicles, promote hair follicle metabolism and metabolism health
Make the pigment cells work normally, only the pigment cells work normally
It's possible to transport melanin to the roots of white hair.
Anti withdrawal /
Extraction of natural plant extracts
Drynaria, ginseng root
Dangguigen, danshen root and other extracts
Fit the pH value of human scalp
Natural and mild
According to the hair loss investigation report of research institutions such as Taylor, an international investigation company
94.5% of the women didn't choose bald men when choosing their spouse.
90.2% of the leaders did not consider the bald employees when they promoted their subordinates.
80% of HR Directors will not employ bald employees when applying for jobs;
8% of alopecia patients had depression.
It is urgent to solve the problem of hair loss
Hair loss not only causes inferiority
It will also trouble the generation of various problems.
Young people's hair loss is a psychological and physical double blow
The beauty of this shampoo is
Its anti falling rate is as high as 90%!
It's very fast. People who have used it
In a short time, you can see the hair is thick.
▲ nutrition - improvement - Health
Zhangguang 101 Shampoo
It can strengthen hair roots and improve the surrounding environment of hair follicles
Balance and nourish hair, rejuvenate healthy hair!
Hair care people recommend this one~
Product details
Zhang Guang 101 shampoo for men and women
A bottle of 360ml, a bottle can be used for a long time
Full of temperament, appropriate high-end style!
Packing bottle of this color
Considering the better guarantee of the activity of plant ingredients!
The nourishing liquid in it smells
There is a healing herbal fragrance
It can be seen that the material is full and the absolute essence of herbs!
High praise
Zhangguang 101 anti shedding hair
Adhere to herbal Chinese formula, no hormone, no dependence, no side effects
Users who have experienced Zhangguang 101 products always praise it.
Many people hoard many boxes at a time, saying the effect is very good!
Take the goods, Queen Weiya
Wu Zongxian, the first brother of variety show, strongly recommended one after another
As expected, all the good things are looted.~
When the weather turns cold, add clothes properly
But don't forget to take care of your hair.
Save only one cup of milk tea a day
Can easily and easily maintain the scalp
It's still worth it!
Warm tips
There are many reasons for serious hair loss. As consumers, we can't rely on shampoo to prevent hair loss. For how to reduce hair loss, we give you the following suggestions:
1. Learn to adjust your mind, keep a good mood, and don't put too much pressure on yourself.
2. Strengthen physical exercise, which can improve people's physical fitness.
3. Do not stay up late for a long time.
4. Pay attention to the diet. The diet should be light and nutritious. You can eat more foods rich in high-quality protein, more fish and beans, nuts such as walnuts, and appropriate vitamins and microelements.
5. Develop a good habit of washing your hair properly. When you wash your hair, you can't use your fingertips to grab your hair, but you should use your fingertips to gently rub it. It is not suitable to wash hair in the morning and at night. After washing, dry it with a dry towel and let it dry naturally. Shampoo 2-3 times a week, not frequent, try not to perm and dye.
Group product information card
[product name] Zhangguang 101 shampoo series
[original price] 149 yuan
[collage] black hair / dandruff removal RMB 39.9
49.9 yuan for oil control and 59.9 yuan for anti stripping
[applicable hair quality] all hair quality
[Specification] 360ml
[bottle structure] ergonomic bottle body design, elastic pressing mouth
[express] Jiangsu Yuantong / EMS
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