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Defoamer for coating cleaning

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Defoamer for coating cleaning
Defoamer for coating cleaning
As a defoamer for spray dyeing, it has been reported in many literatures. In the old dyeing process, dimethyl polysiloxane defoamer is generally used to achieve satisfactory defoamer effect and ensure uniform dyeing. But in the new dyeing process, a high temperature and high pressure machine is used. In this kind of machine, the dyed object moves by the spray of the dye solution and is dyed at the same time. Although the froth can be defoamed by ordinary defoamer, at high temperature and high pressure, the general silicone defoamer will produce thin film precipitation and stain the stain. The above disadvantages can be overcome by using block copolymers, because these defoamer components can dissolve in cold water, but not in hot water, so they can play a defoaming role. However, the defoaming effect of this kind of defoamer is not satisfactory. If the amount of SiO2 is added into the copolymer, the defoaming effect will be satisfactory and the dyed fabric will be produced. Used for defoaming in high temperature dyeing and fermentation of polyester fabric. In addition, it can also be used for defoaming of diethanolamine desulfurization system and various oil, cutting fluid, non freezing liquid, water-based ink systems, etc. it can also be used for defoaming of printing industry photosensitive resin after plate making and removing the uncured resin. It is a very representative defoaming agent with excellent performance and wide use.
Xiamen ruikeman Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. has a good application R & D ability, continuous innovation and upgrading of the application concept, combined with many years of defoamer technology application experience and ISO9001 certification quality management system, focusing on the research and development of high-quality products and product application differentiation, creating more new areas of application of products, and enhancing the company's core competitiveness. The company firmly believes that quality is the driving force of enterprise development, and always provides customers with effective, high-quality and stable products and application services, and strives to provide customers with the best product cooperation program!
The scope of application of coating and cleaning defoamers is: defoamers used in water-based ink, waterborne printing paste, leather coating, paper coating, emulsion synthesis, adhesive, waterborne laminating adhesive and other water defoaming agents, which are suitable for storage at 10~30 C, not placed near heat sources or exposed to sunlight. Do not add acid, alkali, salt and other substances to this product. When not in use, the container shall be sealed to avoid harmful bacteria pollution. If there are layers after long-term storage, they shall be mixed evenly, which generally does not affect the use effect. This product will freeze below 0 ℃. If it freezes, it will be used after melting without affecting the effect. At this time, it needs to be stirred. Silicone oil has many special properties, such as small temperature viscosity coefficient, high and low temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, high flash point, small volatility, good insulation, small surface tension, non-corrosive to metal, non-toxic and so on. Thix-268 silicone oil defoamer packaging barrel is because of these characteristics, silicone oil has good effect in many places. It is widely used for electrical insulation, demoulding, defoaming, damping, shockproof, rolling, dustproof, waterproof, high and low humidity and other places.
There are different Defoamers in different industries. Some industries may have better effect on organosilicon defoamer, but some industries are very exclusive to organosilicon defoamer, which may not be effective at all. So there are many defoamers. The most effective one is the one that suits you. Because the left and right sides of the defoaming agent will remove harmful foam and have no effect on the original material. Because there are many kinds of defoamers, so when choosing defoamers, you should distinguish what you want. For example, defoamers used in food and medicine can only be used after being certified in China. Other industries are not so strict. It is also necessary to know whether the system is oil-based or water-based. Choose a suitable defoamer system, it should be targeted, choose a high-quality product is relatively stable, to avoid the use of bad results, resulting in undesirable results. There are many defoamer manufacturers in China, different manufacturers have different products, so the choice is a big problem. When you choose to buy, you should try to use it later. Don't only consider the price of defoamer when choosing. The expensive one is not the best, but the cheaper one is not very effective. The business must have cost and profit. The cheaper the thing is, the cheaper the cost will be, so the effect will not be known.
The defoamer industry for industrial cleaning, as an important part of China's industrial economy, has also reaped vigorous development. Defoamer for industrial cleaning has the functions of energy saving, consumption reduction, water saving, safety, stable production, improvement of commodity quality, acceleration of production speed, extension of equipment application life, reduction of environmental pollution, appearance and human health. With the emergence of all kinds of green and environmental cleaning technologies, new products and machinery and equipment can not be launched. The cleaning defoamer industry has penetrated into almost all defoamer fields, including applications in petroleum, chemical industry, energy, electricity, metallurgy, construction, machinery and electronics, vehicle transportation, textile, printing and even nuclear industry, etc., and has been widely recognized by the society More and more foams are used in industrial cleaning.
Many customers simply choose some soap water to test the defoamer, but the foaming system in the real production process is not the same as that in soap water, so it is not appropriate to judge whether a defoamer is suitable by the effect of defoamer in soap water. Four new defoamers suggest that you should choose your own working fluid to test the effect of defoamers. The environment of strong acid and strong alkali is very strict for defoamer, which requires us to tell the carrier environment when choosing defoamer. Otherwise, the selected product cannot withstand strong acid or strong alkali, which will result in demulsification and seriously affect the application effect of defoamer.

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