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Make up the eye makeup and bottom makeup at one time. Quickly take down this Lanser makeup remover

2020-02-25 3889759

As a dignified social animal, no matter how hard you are tired, you should be beautiful. If you get up an hour early to make up, you can cover up the dark circles, dark skin color and acne. It's worth it! Just, after working overtime and returning home, I always ask myself when I pick up the makeup remover: is it really necessary to repeat the steps of makeup and makeup remover every day? Of course! A girl loses the ideal embodiment, nothing is better than that she no longer dresses up. A delicate make-up needs to put every step of make-up in place. It's hard to be lazy, but you can think about a simple way to remove make-up.
Many girls need to use eye and lip makeup remover, makeup remover and other tools when removing makeup. The process is complicated and exhausting. Today, I'll tell you a quick way to remove makeup. Eye makeup and bottom makeup can be done at one time. First of all, you need to prepare a bottle of Lanser makeup remover, and of course, makeup cotton and makeup cotton swabs!
Picture: Lanse energy moisturizing, makeup removing and facial cleansing water
First step, let's remove the eye makeup first! Pour the right amount of Lancer's makeup remover on the cotton pad, press it in the eye for 5 seconds, and gently wipe it out along the eye. The three silicone in Lancer's makeup remover can remove the Waterproof Eyeliner and mascara. However, as the make-up cotton may not be able to wipe to the eyelash root, it is best to use the make-up remover to dip in the Lanser make-up remover for several times.
Step two, let's move to lip makeup. Most people are reluctant to take lip makeup off at ordinary times, but the lips are so fragile, so we should take it seriously when we take it off! Press the lips with the cotton pad dipped in the Lanser makeup remover, stay for half a minute to one minute, make the lip makeup fully dissolve, repeat for 1-2 times, it will be cleaner, but the whole process is best controlled within half a minute, and finally use the cotton pad to wipe off the residual lipstick between the lip lines.
Picture: Lanse energy moisturizing, makeup removing and facial cleansing water
After removing eye makeup and lip makeup, it's time to remove bottom makeup. After dressing for half a minute or so with the absorbent cotton, which has absorbed the Lancer's makeup remover, it is also necessary to wipe the place of hair, eyebrow, alar and so on easily when removing the larger areas such as the cheeks and forehead. In a few minutes, your face will become smooth and white under the moisturizing and repairing of the glycerine ingredients of Lancer's makeup remover.
It usually takes half an hour to remove makeup. It took less than 10 minutes to remove makeup with Max's Lanser makeup remover, and the skin condition is much better after removing makeup. I really want to blow up this makeup remover!!

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