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"Southeast Xiaozhi" - Dongda smart Q & a system is online! About Southeast University graduate student enrollment, you want to know all here!

2020-04-02 3891592

Although we can't see each other for the time being,
But we've been thinking about you,
I hope our careful preparation can help you!
Southeast University opened an online question and answer system for graduate enrollment,
Let's Meet Online!
Enter the official account [Southeast University], clicking on the "examinee consultation" can call the intelligent question answering system, enter key words such as "reexamination" to search questions, or click on hot issues to check.
When will the postgraduate entrance examination retest line be announced? How can you know whether you have entered the retest? When is the retest? What is the form of the retest? What specialty receives the coordination? "Southeast Xiaozhi" is online 24 hours a day to solve all kinds of problems in real time.
If you encounter a personal question that the intelligent Q & a system can't answer accurately, the examinee can also leave a message. After receiving the message, the teacher will try his best to answer the question for you.
On the web page, access to the graduate enrollment network of Southeast University:? Https:// click the [top right] floating window or click the [candidate consultation] button to enter the intelligent dialogue system for online communication;
Looking forward to meeting you in the southeast!

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