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Transnational connection! Experts from China and Canada exchange experience of "epidemic" in Jiangsu war

2020-04-03 3891595

An international anti epidemic experience network sharing meeting led by the Red Cross Society of China and the Red Cross Society of Canada, attended by experts from the affiliated Zhongda Hospital of Southeast University of Nanjing, some experts from the hospital supporting Wuhan and experts from the center for Disease Control and prevention of Jiangsu Province, was held in the ICU conference room of CUHK at 8 p.m. on April 1. There are about 50 medical experts and government officials from Canada.
At the sharing meeting, the Canadian side paid special attention to the treatment of severe patients and the improvement of the success rate of severe patients. The novel coronavirus pneumonia treatment group, Yang Yi, director of the Department of critical care medicine, said that only about 5% of the critically ill patients are in Jiangsu, but the mortality rate of this group is as high as 40%-50%. If these patients can be found early and take timely symptomatic treatment, they can stop these patients from mild to severe development and improve the success rate of treatment.
A total of 631 confirmed cases were admitted in Jiangsu Province, with no death and no infection among medical staff. Chinese experts have introduced novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemiology in Jiangsu to Canada, and how to reduce the risk of hospital infection, early warning and diagnosis and treatment guidelines for critically ill patients. Canadian experts thank Jiangsu doctors for sharing their experience.
Compared with China's current novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic control, the world's multinational is facing the challenge of rapid spread of the epidemic. China's novel coronavirus pneumonia team was invited to share with the doctors of Pakistan, Spain, Iran and Lebanon in video sharing experience of China's prevention and treatment of new crown pneumonia.
Teng gaojun, President of Nanjing Zhongda Hospital, said that at this time, China's experience and practices in fighting against the epidemic were precious to all countries in the world. He said that the Chinese doctors should share the experience or lessons of two months' treatment of CUHK hospitals with international counterparts to show China's responsibility.
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