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Authoritative report -- annual report of China silicone oil / emulsion Market

2020-04-03 3891605

Market report of silicon industry
The national silicon industry green development strategic alliance began to engage in the research of silicon industry industry chain in 2008, especially good at silicone and fumed silica industry, which is one of the authoritative research institutions in China.
The annual monitoring report of key silicon materials products published by China National silicon industry green development strategy alliance / China Silicon Industry Development Research Center (2020 Edition) includes 10 kinds of polysiloxane, high temperature vulcanized silicone rubber, RTV silicone rubber, silicone oil / emulsion, silane coupling agent, silicone resin, polycrystalline silicon, fumed silica, four chlorinated silicon, and metal silicon. We also publish monthly market monitoring reports and trade analysis reports, and can provide customized services according to customer needs.
The full text of each annual report is about 30000 words, with 8-9 chapters and 60-70 detailed charts, all of which are the latest research data in 2019. This type of report has been written since 2008 and has a history of 11 years. It is the silicon industry report with the highest gold content in China. The main writers are: Bai Hongqiang, Liang Yating, Zhang Rui, Tang Naimei and other senior analysts.
1、 Annual report
(1) Annual report on China's gas phase white carbon black market
(2) Annual report on China's silicon metal market
(3) Annual report of polysilicon market in China
(4) Annual report on Polysiloxane market in China
(5) annual report of China's emulsion silicone oil market
(6) Annual market report of RTV silicone rubber in China
(7) Annual market report of high temperature vulcanized silicone rubber in China
(8) Annual report of silane coupling agent market in China
(9) Annual report of Silicone Market in China
(10) Annual report of silicon tetrachloride / grade a market in China
Macro economy
Energy analysis
Production and supply
Forecast of new capacity in the future
Production process and technical economy
Detailed rules for import and export
Consumption demand and forecast
Upstream and downstream market analysis
Long term price trend analysis
Analysis and forecast of supply and demand balance
2、 Monthly report:
(1) Sagsi China Silicone Market Monthly Report
(2) Sagsi China gas phase silica Market Monthly Report
(3) Sagsi China polysilicon Market Monthly Report
Market overview of the product in the world in the current month
China's supply of this product (output, import and export, new and proposed plants, start-up of key enterprises)
Demand change (demand, downstream product change)
Import and export data analysis
Market price trend
Forecast of supply and demand balance
Sending method:
E-pdf is sent by email regularly. Among them, the monthly report is updated on the 8th day of each month in Chinese and English format; the annual report is updated in April of each year in Chinese and English format.
Target population:
Decision makers in charge of production, scientific research and operation, middle and senior technical managers and relevant investors, suppliers and distributors in the silicone, polysilicon, metallic silicon and fumed silica industries.
contact information:
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