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Top 100 global architecture colleges in 2020

2020-04-03 3891617

QS released discipline ranking in 2020
Among the top 100 architectural disciplines, there are 11 in China, including Tsinghua University (11th), Hong Kong University (14th), Tongji University (18th), Hong Kong University of Technology (22nd), Shanghai Jiaotong University (47th), Southeast University (no official ranking below), Tianjin University, Harbin University of technology, Zhejiang University, Chinese University of Hong Kong and City University of Hong Kong.
Tsinghua University ranks first in Asia
QS World University rankings is the annual World University Rankings published by quacquarelli Symonds, a British educational organization. Covering 48 different majors in five disciplines: Art and humanities, social science and management, natural science, engineering and technology, life science and medicine, it is the largest and most complex university ranking so far.
Ranking indicator academic reputation (40%)
Faculty / student ratio (20%)
Citations per factory (20%)
Employer reputation (10%)
International faculty ratio (5%)
International student ratio (5%)
Statistical analysis of ranking data shows that there are new changes in the ranking of 2020, and the change of top 100 is still relatively small. MIT jumped from the second place last year to the first in the world, while UCL dropped two places to the third. Harvard's ranking this year is still stable, still fifth.
Compared with last year, China has made great progress in quantity. Among the top 100 universities, there are 7 universities in the mainland this year, among which Harbin University of technology and Southeast University are newly added.
QS ranking 1 in architecture in 2020, MIT / USA
2. Delft University of Technology / Netherlands
3. Bartlett School of architecture, University College London / UK
4. Zurich Federal Institute of Technology / Switzerland
5. Harvard University / USA
6. University of California, Berkeley (UCB) / USA
7. Milan Institute of Technology / Italy
8. Manchester School of architecture / UK
9. Cambridge University / UK
10. EPFL / Switzerland
11. Tsinghua University / China
12. NUS / Singapore
13. Columbia University / USA
14. University of Hong Kong (HKU) / Hong Kong, China
15. UCLA / USA
16. University of Tokyo / Japan
17. University of Melbourne / Australia
18. University of Sydney / Australia
18. Tongji University / China
20. Royal Institute of Technology / Sweden
21. Catalan University of Technology / Spain
22. Hong Kong Polytechnic University / Hong Kong, China
23. University of Sheffield / UK
24. Berlin University of Technology / Germany
Royal Melbourne University of Technology / Australia
26. Munich University of Technology / Germany
27. University of New South Wales (UNSW Australia) / Australia
28. Cornell University / USA
29. Georgia Tech / USA
39. Stanford University / USA
31. Seoul National University / Korea
32. University of British Columbia / Canada
33. Polytechnic University of Turin / Italy
34. University of Michigan / USA
35. Madrid University of Technology / Spain
36. Catholic University / Chile
37. Chalmers University of Technology / Sweden
38. Cardiff University / UK
38. University of Texas at Austin / USA
38. University of Toronto / Canada
41. University of Alto / Finland
41. McGill University / Canada
43. University of Sao Paulo / Brazil
44 University of Pennsylvania / USA
45. University of Leuven / Belgium
46. Eindhoven University of Technology / Netherlands
47. Shanghai Jiaotong University / China
48. Kyoto University / Japan
49. National Autonomous University of Mexico / Mexico
50. University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign / USA
51-100 Carnegie Mellon University / USA
51-100 City University of Hong Kong / Hong Kong, China
51-100, Curtin University / Australia
51-100, Hanyang University / Korea
51-100, Harbin Institute of Technology / China
51-100, Illinois Institute of Technology / USA
51-100, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology / Germany
51-100, Korean University / Korea
51-100, Loughborough University / UK
51-100, Lund University / Sweden
51-100, Monash University / Australia
51-100, Athens Institute of Technology / Greece
51-100, NYU / USA
51-100, University of Newcastle / UK
51-100, Norwegian University of science and technology / Norway
51-100, Oxford Brooks University / UK
51-100, Penn State University / USA
51-100, Queensland University of Technology / Australia
51-100, Princeton University / USA
51-100 Aachen University of Technology / Germany
51-100, University of Rome / Italy
51-100 Southeast University / China
51-100 Vienna University of science and technology / Austria
51-100, Texas A & M University / USA
51-100. Chinese University of Hong Kong / Hong Kong, China
51-100, University of Auckland / New Zealand
51-100, University of Queensland / Australia
51-100, Tianjin University / China
51-100 University of Buenos Aires (UBA) / Argentina
51-100, University of Chile / Chile
51-100, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro / Brazil
51-100, Columbia National University / Colombia
51-100, IUAV Venice University / Italy
51-100 University of Stuttgart / Germany
51-100, University of science and technology of Malaysia / Malaysia
51-100, USM / Malaysia
51-100, malancia University of Technology / malancia
51-100, University of bath / UK
51-100, University of Cape Town / South Africa
51-100, University of Edinburgh / UK
51-100, University of Lisbon / Portugal
51-100, University of Porto / Portugal
51-100, University of reading / UK
51-100, University of Southern California / USA
51-100, Sydney University of science and technology / Australia
51-100, Virginia Tech / USA
51-100, Waseda University / Japan
51-100, Yale University / USA
51-100, Yonsei University / Korea
51-100, Zhejiang University / China
Top 100 on QS official website
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The above are the top 100 schools in QS World Ranking - Architecture College. We hope to help you in your school selection. However, we need to pay attention to many aspects of school selection, not only geographical location and research direction, but also to see which school you can go to according to your GPA. Ranking is just a reference.
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