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Multiple thinking | the summer course introduction of urban planning major of Xueshen Institute of Nanjing campus is coming [focus on Southeast University, radiate Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai Universities]

2020-04-03 3891654

The preliminary test of 2020 postgraduate entrance examination has come to an end, and 2021 postgraduate entrance examination is ready to be launched! The review preparation of urban and rural planning for postgraduate entrance examination in Colleges and universities has sounded the clarion call. Maybe this Spring Festival everyone lives at home, but the process of postgraduate entrance examination will not wait for anyone, and the pressure of competition is increasing
The day of spring has come. At the time of the prosperity of all things, the top scholar, senior sister of Nanjing lighting research club, Jiuhuashan hand-painted, led the team in person. She is not only the chief editor of the course, but also the main teacher of the teaching. Strong teaching team, professional and rigorous curriculum design, conscientious and responsible postgraduate entrance examination accompanying, rich and complete training experience. Jiuhuashan hand drawn Nanjing Lightning Research Institute adheres to the combination of "strengthening the design basis and generating the quick question scheme", cultivates the design level of the students with care and patience, and then improves the scheme ability of the students with the elite standard, so that we can help and witness your rapid progress in quick question knowledge and design expression.
In this summer vacation, join us to know more excellent seniors and sisters and grow up together!
8 reasons for choosing lightning planning workshop
In 2021 summer vacation, Nanjing camp of lightning planning and research institute implements small class teaching.
Recruit students nationwide.
Looking forward to your joining!
Fine small classes are divided into professional teaching, so as to truly adapt to the school's conditions. With the students as the center and careful guidance, the free expression of hand-painted 0 foundation can be realized.
The team has been working for four consecutive years in Tongji University, Tsinghua University, Southeast University, Nanjing Forestry University, Zhejiang University, Suzhou University and Hefei University of technology, with a high score of 93% (more than 120 points) in class C of the national first fast question program. Excellent students can be recommended to practice in design companies.
Over the years, the real questions of famous schools have been comprehensively analyzed, breaking through the bottleneck of fast Question Learning in postgraduate entrance examination, and rapidly improving the ability to take the exam.
For many years, we have accumulated advanced teaching concepts and high-intensity centralized training, which has achieved remarkable results.
All round analysis of real problems over the years covers various types of fast problems, so as to overcome all difficulties in fast problems.
Free of charge to provide internal materials for the review of postgraduate entrance examination for high-grade students in domestic colleges and universities, including: electronic materials (internal) for excellent design postgraduate entrance examination, high-definition large-scale high-grade quick questions, various review notes for high-grade students, hand-painted atlas, real questions over the years in Colleges and universities, review methods for postgraduate entrance examination, overseas works collection, excellent hand-painted drawings, etc., so as to ensure the maximum harvest for students.
All the professional teachers are regular professional full-time teachers and excellent master's and doctor's teams engaged in postgraduate entrance examination design all the year round!
Massive design cutting-edge information and the latest information of postgraduate entrance examination are shared by students.
Teaching team
Curriculum materials
Reading thousands of books and traveling thousands of miles, in order to provide basis for students' study, implement the idea of combining practice and theory, keep up with the latest academic hot spots, and closely contact the key points of the examination. Lightning provides professional learning books for each design major, with fast questions and theory as two major themes, Among them, the fast question books are carefully condensed by the top teachers, tracking the real questions and hot spots for several years, combining with their own comprehensive design thinking, from the basic content to various types of scheme design thinking analysis and performance skills, while the theory books are also carefully summarized by the high score theory teachers, the key points of each examination book, the brilliant condensed syllabus of each chapter, as well as the key points. It is an essential treasure for you to learn!
Excellent works of trainees
Course introduction
There are three types of summer classes: C1 basic course, C2 improvement course and C3 principle course. Among them, the C2 fast question improvement class is divided into two classes,
C2.1 fast question improving class for inspecting A1 fast question colleges and universities and for general learning
C2.2 southeast fast question improvement class, aiming at the explanation of multiple types of fast questions on a1 + a3 map of southeast fast question postgraduate entrance examination and promotion training.
Curriculum design advantages
Full company
From copying, drawing and punching cards in spring to accumulation of basic classes, to improvement in summer vacation, strengthening in autumn, and final sprint before examination, lightning research club always adheres to patient and responsible teaching guidance, forming a systematic annual examination and research company from shallow to deep and step by step.
Scientific arrangement
Based on the review experience of many top students, the first step is to lay a solid foundation of design and theory in spring, and then to carry out intensive training and improvement in summer vacation, strictly control all time nodes, and follow up the review progress of students through tasks and after class thinking in addition to the usual review guidance
Elite team
Lightning plan has the best teaching team, the strongest faculty, and a more comprehensive and comprehensive teaching team ability, which can interpret and respond to the fast questions of each university entrance examination and research, and impart the design ability to everyone in the way of teaching; summer class adopts small class teaching, and 6-8 students correspond to one teacher, so as to ensure the most direct and perfect guidance
Learn from each other
Every year, there are many students in the intensive training class who can communicate, evaluate and discuss with each other in and out of class. They can also supervise each other and learn together in the process of postgraduate entrance examination.
C1 summer vacation fast question class: summer vacation Foundation
Class times
Course content
Basic knowledge
Basic introduction and evaluation criteria of fast questions
Simulation test
Judge the level of students' fast questions and summarize the basic problems.
Basic building size and site design
Small plot design
Bird's eye view technique and analysis drawing method
Plan + analysis
Thematic deepening
Residential area
Complete settlement analysis + copying
Urban residential planning and design
Summary of residential design problems
[residential area] + (case study) + homework comment
Complete campus analysis -- copy and draw
Campus design
Summary of park design problems
[University Campus Planning] + (landscape deepening) + homework comment
[Industrial Park Planning] + (building reconstruction) + operation comment
Creative Industrial Park Design
Central area
Complete business district analysis + copying
Summary of commercial district design problems
[traditional business district] + (building group) + operation comment
Traditional commercial street design
[modern business district] + (structural design) + operation comment
Modern business district design
Old city
To update
Complete old city renewal analysis + copying
Old town renewal design
Summary of old city renewal
[old city renewal] + (building reconstruction) + operation comment
Basic class test
Typical functional area planning and design + operation evaluation drawing
Planning and design of typical functional areas
Training results of stage inspection basic class
Summary and supplement
Homework comment + type summary and review suggestions
Review suggestions for each trainee
The basic course of fast questions is mainly to sort out the basic knowledge of fast questions, and the course content in the deepening part of the special topic is divided into [special topic explanation] + (design skills) + homework comment, which helps students to shape the design thinking and review methods of the fast questions for the postgraduate entrance examination, so that students can master the basic drawing methods and task book interpretation methods of fast questions from the zero basis. Finally, the lecturers summarize and provide review suggestions according to the students' questions in each topic.
The content of the basic course is basically the same as that of the basic course in spring, which provides the students who haven't been able to apply for the course in spring with the training of basic design knowledge.
C2.1 summer promotion course
(for A1 Map Design College) (July August, 13 classes, 23h, offline in summer)
Class times
Course content
Strengthening of key topics
Urban community planning and design + operation evaluation map
Residential community planning and design
Compared with the basic class, the difficulty of the task book will be increased, which is close to the real problem
University campus planning and design + assignment evaluation
Campus planning and design
Planning and design of science and Innovation Industrial Park + operation evaluation drawing
Planning and design of science and Innovation Industrial Park
Urban central area planning and design + operation evaluation map
Planning and design of business office center
Planning and design of historical and cultural protection area + operation evaluation drawing
Planning and design of historical and cultural protection area
Planning and design of rail transit station front area + operation evaluation drawing
Regional planning of rail transit stations
Scheme sketch and structural design
Teaching of rapid design of block structure
Multi block structure and street outline scheme
Summary of the first stage of the improvement class
Strengthening the types of real questions
Control and index type quick questions + assignment evaluation chart
Training of control and index setting
Intensive training conditions are more abundant and topics are more comprehensive
Planning and design of characteristic commercial area and waterfront area + operation evaluation drawing
Planning and design of characteristic business district and Waterfront
Old city renewal planning and design + operation evaluation drawing
Old city renewal planning and design
Characteristic town planning and urban design + job evaluation
Characteristic town planning and urban design
Promotion class test
Planning and design of key sections + operation evaluation drawing
Planning and design of key sections
Stage examination of the training results of summer fast questions
Course summary and experience exchange
Review the knowledge of summer class and various types of planning and design
Summing up rest
Review suggestions for each trainee
The summer fast question promotion class focuses on the design methods and training of the fast questions in various colleges and universities of A1 map, while taking into account the hot topic enhancement of the detailed design of A1. The course lasts for half a month, so that you can master and deal with all the common types and characteristics of the southeast fast questions skillfully. It is led by the top teacher team of Dongnan University, assisted by the top senior students and senior sisters of other colleges and universities All planning colleges and universities that investigate the A1 map quick questions are applicable.
C2.2 summer fast track southeast promotion class
(July August, 15 classes, 23h, offline in summer)
Focus on the design method and training of southeast A3 type fast questions, and take into account the hot topic reinforcement of A1 detailed design. The course lasts for half a month, so that you can master and deal with all the common types and characteristics of southeast fast questions skillfully.
The summer fast question southeast promotion class focuses on the design method and training of A3 type fast questions in Southeast China, while taking into account the hot topic enhancement of A1 detailed design. The course lasts for half a month. Aiming at the three topic mode of southeast fast question, through the summary of the past years and the latest real questions, it exclusively summarizes the types of planning fast questions in Southeast regular exam, so as to comprehensively improve the planning literacy and synthesis of students Design ability enables you to master and deal with all the common types and characteristics of southeast fast questions.
1. For the application of C1 and C2 fast question classes, the editable version of PDF of urban planning fast question design will be presented, with relevant real questions, copy and draw cases and excellent fast question materials
2. The course cycle of C1 and C2 fast questions class is from April to June, and the class time is adjusted according to your learning progress. If necessary, it can be extended to July. Make sure that there is enough time for you to finish the content and homework of the previous class before the next class
3. The teachers of C1 and C2 fast questions class will keep tracking the work of everyone's after class arrangement, so as to ensure that the vast majority of people can form their own exclusive and complete review materials after the end of the course
C3 summer vacation theory class: Spring East University theory topic + hot spot + real topic comprehensive training course
(from July to August, 8 classes, 50h, offline in summer vacation)
On the basis of reviewing the bibliography of the principles in spring, the summer theory class integrates and reconstructs the knowledge system framework of the principles, and divides it into eight different theoretical topics. In the course arrangement, from macro to micro, from the whole to the special, the structure is clear, and the contents of the special topics are clear, which is helpful for everyone to establish a complete knowledge system of the principles review in summer vacation, and be able to Strengthen the knowledge of the contents of each part of the principles of urban planning, and cooperate with the after-school work explanation to achieve flexibility

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