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We will guard your children

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At 9:00 p.m. on April 4, 2020, Southeast University's 2020 open faith course - war "epidemic" cloud lecture lecture, the 25th lecture, members of the 21st postgraduate teaching group of Southeast University and 2019 undergraduate students of civil engineering college, as the keynote speaker, brought us a live speech entitled "peace on the front line, your children are protected by us".
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1、 Speech review
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Planning participation, radiation demonstration
Novel coronavirus pneumonia came to us quietly in 2020, when spring was not uncommon. Hospitals at all levels across the country urgently mobilized personnel to stop the epidemic. Many hospitals in Nanjing, including the affiliated Zhongda Hospital of Southeast University, sent young commandos and a number of medical staff to help Hubei.
Remember to return the child safely
White coat
Breaking Kroraina
Under the guidance of the Youth League Committee of our university, Yu Lugang participated in the organization of "caring for children's voluntary service plan of anti epidemic and well-being medical staff of the affiliated Zhongda Hospital of Southeast University". It is worth mentioning that Dongda's "plan for tutoring children of medical staff" has played a radiation demonstration role nationwide. Finally, with the support of the graduate education support group and the Youth Volunteer Association, more than 100 excellent volunteers have been recruited to participate in this activity.
Prepare lessons carefully and teach students according to their aptitude
In the activity, Yu Lugang is responsible for contacting families of various medical staff and arranging the connection according to the courses and grades taught by the members of the research and research group. There is a big age difference between them. From kindergarten children to senior three students, they have different problems to solve. The main contents of counseling are academic counseling and psychological counseling, and popular science education and practical courses are the secondary contents. At the same time, we also use the professional and special advantages of each team member to offer online programming, manual, painting and other courses.
Children's "feelings of home and country"
Xiaoxing, a second grader who Yu Lugang and another teacher of the research group, always mentioned his father from time to time in the chat, showing the letters he wrote for his father and the handwritten newspaper with the theme of epidemic situation. Xiaoxing also told the painting teacher that he wanted to paint soldiers and astronauts. Every move he made showed his admiration for his father's dedication to the country.
"My mother is very busy these days. She has no time for me." This is what a little girl they tutored said to them. But when she saw that the title of the composition was "the most beautiful flower", she blurted out: "this can write about my mother!" Although it's a pity that they are not accompanied by their parents this holiday, the children also understand and support them to protect the country and are proud of it. It's sad that the pneumonia epidemic separated the relatives temporarily, but the counseling activities just filled the gap of their holidays, which made the volunteers feel very happy.
”The intelligence and liveliness of the children brought a lot of joy to the volunteers who participated in the counseling, and their wonderful ideas surprised them. At the same time, children's understanding of their parents' work makes them feel the silent support of tens of thousands of families behind the fight against the epidemic, which further strengthens their determination to do a good job in voluntary counseling and strong support.
In this long holiday, Yu Lugang and his partners, as teaching teachers, although they could not fight in the front line, they took on the work of young volunteer commandos in another way. This unforgettable experience not only brings warmth to the children, but also to the volunteers.
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Are there any difficulties in the process of teaching and counseling?
One is the difficulty of preparing lessons. The teaching materials in Jiangsu Province are different from those in other regions. Moreover, we will make individualized tutoring programs according to the characteristics of each child, and adopt the tutoring form of many teachers for one student. The second is the difficulty of hands-on practice. For example, the programming I teach can only be taught online, not on-site.
What has been gained through this volunteer service?
The first is to gain national pride. This time, we are all united in the face of the crisis, and we will be very proud to be Chinese. Some people do their best in the rear, and these forces can not be ignored together.
Second, doing voluntary activities can set up a moral standard in my mind. Kant once said: "the more you think about two things, the more you feel surprised and awed. One is the starry sky, the other is the law of morality." I understand the meaning of starry sky is ideal. Ideal gives us enough power to overcome difficulties. The moral law in my heart is the moral standard I just said.
A saying once circulated on the Internet: we are actually the best builders of the country. It inspired me to think about how to create more social value while realizing personal value when facing crossroads in my future life.
Why join the league?
During my undergraduate period, I participated in the short-term education. There are some disadvantages in the short-term education, such as not being able to accompany the development of children, but also seeing a lot of helplessness: some children's learning and living conditions are not good, I can only sigh the fate is unfair, but can't make changes. If you participate in long-term activities, you can do more meaningful and valuable things.
There are two reasons why I should be investigated for participating in the league. The first is the ideal aspect. I want to do something valuable and meaningful. Meaning is given by oneself. I think the meaningful thing is to be able to change other people's life path by doing something to make them develop in a better direction. With the mentality of sowing, that there will be flowers in the future. It's like the butterfly effect, expecting something to happen.
The second is more realism, which is to exercise one's own ability. At the beginning, I didn't know any of my teammates, so I exercised my communication ability and adaptability. In addition, we should try to change the way of thinking, which used to be the mentality of students. Now we should change the mentality of teachers, volunteers and young people to think about problems. The post-90s and post-00s gradually took over the baton of the construction of the motherland in this big test. What kind of thinking these young people will face is also my question to think about.
How does the head teacher prepare for lessons?
One is in the process of supporting education. I teach mathematics in grade one. There are many resources on the Internet. The Education Bureau and the government also provide many high-quality resources. When preparing lessons, we need to understand knowledge points and accumulate teaching experience. I usually listen to other math teachers' classes, ask them for advice, and ask them to listen to my lectures and give me advice. I also see some books specially for teachers on the Internet, which are very helpful to us.
The other is voluntary counseling. My lesson preparation has three levels. The first level is primary school Chinese composition, which is very different from the Mathematics I taught when I was teaching. I consulted other members of the teaching group and local primary school teachers to accumulate teaching experience. The second level is science education. I downloaded many topics of interest to children on the Internet, searched videos on the Internet, communicated with students, and guided students to think. Third, programming. It uses children programming, which is a kind of building block programming. I use this software to teach, and I also use the resources of related companies contacted by Southeast University to provide help for teaching.
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3、 Students' feelings
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We have no medical knowledge or medical technology in the epidemic situation. How can we contribute our strength to the fight against the epidemic. The graduate student support group of civil engineering college gave a plain but loud answer - to take good care of their children and become their most solid spiritual support for the medical workers struggling in the front line of anti epidemic.
Online teaching can't face to face, so teachers provide online courses with high playability and interest; teaching materials vary from place to place, so teachers tailor learning plans for children based on local conditions; when children haven't been accompanied by their parents for a long time, teachers give warm greetings and spiritual encouragement to children. If the children in the family are the weakest ribs of the anti epidemic workers, the brave youth teaching team will give them the most powerful protection.
Most of the medical staff in the anti epidemic line are post-90s or even post-00s. However, the teachers of the same age, with different personal abilities, are burning the same determination of war epidemic. The weak people who were protected 17 years ago have become soldiers to protect others 17 years later. What they show is a generation of young people's sense of responsibility and patriotism, reflecting the rising spirit of sacrifice and fearless power.
No matter what kind of social role we play, we should have the same sense of mission and responsibility. Patriotism, doing what we can and overcoming difficulties and obstacles are the "most beautiful appearance" of new youth in the new era
——Li Shuqi, 2019 undergraduate of Civil Engineering College
During the epidemic period, Yugang and the Youth League Committee of Southeast University jointly held a "special voluntary service hand in hand with family members of medical staff in the front line of anti epidemic". Volunteers, through online teaching, tutored the children of medical staff and became the backing of medical staff in the front line.
In the course of the speech, Yu shared two teaching stories, which deeply touched me. It tells the touching stories of children and teachers during the volunteer service. I think maybe we are just a small stream, but we can gather together and become rivers, lakes and seas. Volunteer service is like this, changing our world bit by bit.
As young people, we sometimes question ourselves and feel that we can't change anything. However, when we have a firm belief that we want to achieve something, there is no difficulty that can defeat us.
I believe that the virus, like a blade, marks a crack in the original comfortable life, but the light of countless young people is pouring into reality through this crack!
——Lin Xia, master of civil engineering, 2019
The postponement of school opening has more or less an impact on all students' studies, especially for the children in the counterpart graduate teaching center of Southeast University in the remote area. A long time ago, I saw in the circle of friends that their graduate teaching group began to plan online teaching, online Q & A and online psychological guidance. Today, I listened to the open faith class of yulugang, and learned that the level of students ranged from kindergarten to senior high school. They designed a "many to one" teaching method, which not only imparts knowledge but also illuminates the mind. This new teaching method is refreshing! Under the background of national anti epidemic, teachers and students from all over the world depend on each other closely to contribute to the victory of the epidemic! Research for

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