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Prevent and control the new crown, awesome time! Advice, suggestions and active epidemic prevention -- Professor Jin Hui, School of public health, Southeast University

2020-04-06 3892042

Jin Hui, deputy dean of School of public health, Southeast University, has been engaged in the teaching of epidemiology of infectious diseases for more than 15 years. He has carried out evaluation and Research on disease burden, prevention and control strategies and measures in the field of infectious diseases such as avian influenza, seasonal influenza, hand, foot and mouth disease, viral hepatitis and rabies. He actively participated novel coronavirus novel coronavirus Pneumonia Control in Jiangsu Province, analyzed and judged the epidemic situation seriously, and made suggestions on the new trend of epidemic prediction, external defense input, internal prevention and diffusion, rehabilitation and rehabilitation.
In March 31, 2020, novel coronavirus infection was first received by Southeast University. The letter came from the leading group office of the new type of coronavirus infection control and prevention in Jiangsu. The letter expressed that Comrade Jin Hui of School of public health of Southeast University participated in the expert study and judgment meeting of provincial epidemic prevention and control work for many times during the period of epidemic prevention and control, put forward valuable suggestions, played a positive role in grasping the situation and making scientific decisions, and expressed heartfelt thanks to the teachers and students who participated in the epidemic prevention and control of our university for their hard work!
After learning about Mr. Jin Hui's advanced deeds, the student union of the college interviewed Mr. Jin Hui, mainly from the work strategy of Jiangsu Provincial prevention and control center, the construction and future development of China's public health system, as well as the expectations and requirements of students in the field of public health, and Mr. Jin Hui patiently and meticulously answered.
First of all, Mr. Jin Hui introduced to us the current work strategy of the provincial prevention and control center, which is external defense input and internal defense rebound. External input is to isolate all foreign passengers for 14 days, and suggest to take the initiative to go to the hospital for virus nucleic acid detection; internal anti rebound is to do a follow-up check for asymptomatic infected and mild patients.
Then, through participating in the epidemic prevention and control work in Jiangsu Province, Mr. Jin Hui put forward his own views on the construction of China's public health system from the perspective of Education: first, to strengthen the team building, the disease control system needs to cultivate two types of talents, one is a strategist, that is, a person with the ability of systematic thinking, disease early warning and prediction, risk assessment, intervention strategy evaluation, etc., the other is a person with the ability of systematic thinking, disease early warning and prediction, risk assessment, intervention strategy evaluation, etc Class A is a tactician, i.e. a talent with the ability of epidemiological investigation, close contact tracking, suspected case verification, laboratory testing, etc. the two types of talents are closely linked and cooperate with each other, which will produce the result of "1 + 1 > 2". The second is to expand the field of public health education in Colleges and universities, not only to carry out public health education for professional students and medical students, but also to carry out general public health education for all students, so as to promote the health of the whole people.
At the end of the interview, Mr. Jin Hui stressed that public health is a cause of wide social significance, not only focusing on some individuals, but also facing the public and cultivating the health awareness of the group. In 2010, the World Health Organization (who) updated the definition of health, pointing out that "health is not only the absence of disease or weakness, but also the physical, psychological and social adaptability of good condition." In the field of public health, health is not only the individual's health, but also the group's health and the ecological health. With the concept of "great health", the public health system can be well developed, and it can also benefit mankind and the world. As a learner and future practitioner in the field of public health, Mr. Jin Hui believes that public health students should practice, practice and practice more. There is a poem: "the paper has to end shallow, absolutely know this matter to do." Through repeated practice, we can keep learning, exploring and improving, so as to gain true knowledge and gain growth.
After this simple interview, many Dongda public defenders, like Mr. Jin Hui, who participated in the epidemic prevention and control work, told us with practical actions that it is the real public defender to stand up at the critical moment. With action and professional practice, the public health spirit of "the public benefits the world, and health for the people" will continue to inspire and inspire every public health student to be firm in faith, never forget his original intention, forge ahead and strive hard. We firmly believe that the haze will eventually disappear and the virus will always fight back! Come on, dongdagongwei!
Text: Mr. Jin Hui
Editor: Wu Jingying

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