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China University of mines, Nanjing University of forestry, Jiangsu Normal University, Southeast University and other universities release the opening time of spring semester | campus events

2020-04-08 3892267

China University of mines, Nanjing University of forestry, Jiangsu Normal University, etc
University releases the opening time of spring semester
Xuzhou, Jiangsu
China University of mining and technology released on April 4
Opening announcement of spring semester of China University of mining and technology
From April 15, 2020
Arrange students to return to school in batches
Specific check-in time and relevant requirements
Student Affairs Department
And colleges to inform each student
Jincheng College of Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
On April 5, the announcement on the opening of the spring semester was also released
To be phased in batches from April 19, 2020
Wrong time and wrong peak start school
Jiangsu Normal University April 6
Announcement will be issued from April 23, 2020
Arrange students to return to school orderly in batches
Southeast University starts from April 19
Doctoral and graduate students are preferred to return to school
Two Chinese doctoral students "playing the game" in the world
The most popular novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic map
Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been widely distributed in many countries around the world. The major media or government health departments in the world are updating the map of the epidemic situation in Johns Hopkins University. The most popular epidemic map is created and maintained by two Chinese doctors in China. The case map has become the background picture commonly used by the global mainstream media in reporting the new crown epidemic recently
11 temporary flights to 1827 Chinese citizens
Overseas students are the main recipients
Han Guangzu, deputy director of the Flight Standards Department of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, said at the press conference of the joint defense and control mechanism of the State Council on March 4-april 3 that 11 temporary flights were arranged by the civil aviation to assist 1827 Chinese citizens in Iran, Italy and the United Kingdom to return home, mainly overseas students
Special recruitment for state-owned enterprises, education and training, finance and e-commerce
196000 jobs waiting for you
April 3 to April 9
Ministry of human resources and social security
Launch state-owned enterprises, education and training
Special recruitment for four industries of Finance and e-commerce
25000 employers in total
Providing 196000 posts
State owned enterprises are organized by CIIC
Including CNNC
China Shipping Group
China weaponry group, etc
More than 2600 state-owned enterprises participated
110000 jobs provided
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