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Carbon Hydroxyl SILICONE OIL MY2170

Carbon Hydroxyl SILICONE OIL MY2170

Appearance: Light yellow viscous liquid

Active ingredient: 99.9%


Permanent feel 0.2-1%

Antifouling 2-6%

Resin modified 1-6%


Molecular weight: about 2800

Usage and Characteristics: Polydimethylsiloxane-polyether compound with hydroxymethyl as terminal functional group has good compatibility with various polyurethane and amino systems. Its hydroxymethyl-terminated group can cross-link with resin system, thus introducing silicone components into resin system, especially on the surface, greatly improving the properties of resin such as weatherability, contamination resistance and low temperature resistance and so on.

Type: Water, Solvent
Package: 25L/200L/IBC Drums.

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