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Carboxyl Silicone Oil MY2520

Carboxyl Silicone Oil MY2520

Appearance: Light yellow viscous liquid

Active ingredient: 99.9%


Permanent feel 0.2-1%

Antifouling 2-6%

Resin modified 1-6%


Molecular weight: about 2000

Usage and Characteristics: Polydimethylsiloxane compound with hydroxymethyl as terminal functional group can be used as modified component in polyester system, epoxy system and other systems. Its hydroxyl group can participate in the cross-linking reaction of resin, thus introducing organosilicon component into the resin system, especially in the surface part, greatly improving the performance of paint film, such as weatherability, permanent handle, stain resistance.Low temperature resistance, etc.

Type: Solvent
Package:25/200/IBC drums

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