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Divinyltetramethyldisiloxane(Vinyl double heads) MY1002

Divinyltetramethyldisiloxane(Vinyl double heads) MY1002

Vinyl dual ends additives for silicone rubber, silicone gel, liquid silicone rubber, vinyl silicone resin, vinyl silicone oil, platinum complex production process (intermediate).

Chemical name:
Divinyl tetramethyl disiloxane
Alias: Divinyltetramethyldisiloxane
CAS No.: 2627-95-4
EINECS : 220-099-6

Molecular formula: [(CH3) 2 C2H3Si]2O
Molecular weight:  186.40

Structural formula:

                CH3                  CH3

                  |                     |

    C2H3  --  Si   ---   O  --  Si  --  C2H3

                  |                     |

                 CH3                 CH3

Main technical indexes:
Appearance: colorless transparent liquid
Boiling point (℃):  133-139
Density:  0.818g/cm3
Refractive Index: 1.4118-1.4123
Purity: 99.5%
Vinyl content: 29.0%
Water solubility: Insoluble

Main applications:
Vinyl dual ends additives for silicone rubber, silicone gel, liquid silicone rubber, vinyl silicone resin, vinyl silicone oil, platinum complex production process (intermediate).

20kg plastic barrels, 160Kg iron drums or IBC drums, also can be packed according to customer requirements.

Product transportation and storage:
Stored in cool & dry ventilation warehouse. Transported as dangerous products.

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