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Epoxy double terminated silicone oil MY3590

Epoxy double terminated silicone oil MY3590

Product description: It is an epoxy functional silicone for resin modification, amino curing, UV curing, and powder coatings and inks; it provides excellent water, oil, stain and anti-graffiti functions for maximum slip.

Typical Physical Properties: The numerical data based on MINGYI internal testing purposes only Parameter Value Appearance Light yellow transparent to slightly turbid liquid Viscosity 25°C/cps 10 Non-volatile % ≥95.00 Average molecular weight 1300 Epoxy mass content% 6.5.

Storage and Validity: Unopened stored at the temperature below 38℃; the shelf-life of the product from the date of production for 24 months.

Main advantages: High reactivity Great improvement in slip and abrasion resistance Improve coating anti fouling and easy cleaning function Excellent waterproof and anti graffiti functions.

Typical applications: Resin modification Amino baking varnish Powder coating High temperature industrial paint UV curable coatings and inks.

Usage method: Synthetic resin: It can be added in the front or the back of the resin synthesis. Coating and ink: Add during or after the manufacturing process. It is recommended to dilute with 3-5 times with a suitable solvent before adding.

Use restrictions: This product has not been tested or stated for edible, medical or medicinal purposes.

Sample Package: 125ml glass bottle Finished Packing: 25KG iron barrel or 200L/IBC drums.

Limited Liability: This information is based on MINGYI's testing and is believed to be correct; it does not replace the assessments and tests that users need to make before using the product; MINGYI can only package the products for sale to meet established sales standards; MINGYI sole responsibility for the breach of the guarantee is to replace the equivalent product or to refund the purchase price; MINGYI expressly disclaims liability for incidental or incidental damages.

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