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Epoxy-terminated phenyltrisiloxane MY279

Epoxy-terminated phenyltrisiloxane MY279



1. used as component of epoxy resin

2. used as reactivity modifier for polyurethane and polycarbonate

3. Improve the cohesive energy of the resin

4. Improve high and low temperature properties of materials

5. Improve the flexibility of epoxy resin

6. To make epoxy resin excellent electrical insulation and resistance to atomic oxygen


Molecular formula:


Appearance:  colorless to light yellow transparent liquid

Epoxy equivalent:  260-340g/equ

Refractive index (25 °C): 1.474

Viscosity:  15-30cst

The main components: double-ended with glycidyl phenyltrisiloxane, non-solvent



As a toughening and water repellent component of epoxy resin, polyurethane and polycarbonate, it can improve the mechanical and physical properties of the finished product, reduce the cohesive energy, and provide the copolymer with excellent high and low temperature resistant, Water and weather resistance, electrical insulation and resistance to atomic oxygen.


How to use:

1. Used as epoxy resin modified, directly added into the prepolymer and curing.

2. When used as polyurethane modifier, can be reacted with the amine chain, or acid ring and isocyanate-reactive molding.

3. Used as polycarbonate modifier, can be reacted with copolymerization, or be added in the molding process.


Note: technical indicators without security, when use and operation, please consult the customer representative or supplier


Storage and package:

This product is non-dangerous.

Reactivity, avoiding mixing or contacting impurities, especially water, oxides and catalysts

the shelf life of 6 months in Unopened conditions.

Packaging: 25kg or 200kg / drum which coated with iron or IBC drums

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