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Details Information

Modified hydroxypropyl silicone oil (aqueous system)MY2040

Product Name:Aqueous hydroxypropyl silicone oil and modified hydroxypropyl silicone oil emulsion

Other product name:Anti-graffiti agent, release agent, silane coupling agent

Profile:Modified hydroxypropyl silicone oil emulsion is a kind of linear organic functional polysiloxane, which can be used as active component in suitable polymers due to the presence of primary hydroxyl group, and is easy to be dissolved in aqueous system.

Physical properties:

Appearance:Milky white liquid

Active ingredient:≥45%


Improved polymer low temperature flexibility

Enhancing the Processing Fluidity of Polymers

Due to the automatic surface effect of organic silicon, the polymer has excellent isolation and anti-viscosity.

Improving Temperature Resistance

Improving Wear Resistance

Instructions and Applications

Resistant marker pen, anti-graffiti effect, modified polydimethylsiloxane used in the manufacture of waterborne anti-graffiti coatings, with additional peeling effect. It can be diluted with water.

Add a small amount (6%-30%, depending on the required performance to determine the amount added).

It can be used as release agent and release agent with excellent performance. The recommended dosage is usually 6-20%. It is mainly used in water-borne coatings and so on.

Package:1 kg, 5 kg, 25 kg, 200 kg/barrel

Storage and expiry date:

Sealed storage, storage period of 12 months at room temperature, contact with tin (such as metal containers) will shorten storage stability.

Transportation requirements:This product is stored and transported as non-dangerous goods in accordance with general chemicals.

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