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Organic Polysilazane IOTA 9283

Organic Polysilazane IOTA 9283


IOTA 9283 is a liquid polysilazane with Si-N structural, mainly function group is Me and modified fluorine groups. It is developed for room temperature cured hydrophobic coating systems. The product has a unique Si-NH-Si bond, can be cured at room temperature, curing mainly involved in the reaction of Si-NH-Si hydrolysis and oxidation. While the Si-NH-Si bond and the substrate surface-OH easily react, and bring the good adhesion to substrate. Add appropriate catalyst in the resin can promote Si-H and Si-NH-Si reaction, after curing resin can generate three-dimensional cross-linked structure, giving the material good mechanical properties.

IOTA 9283 has excellent hydrophobic property as contain fluorine group, keep the colorless transparent coating with good transmittance more than 95%.

IOTA 9283 has low viscosity and good adhesion, can be applied to various types of substrates by smearing, dipping, spraying, brushing and other methods, the main substrates are metals, alloys, glass, paint films and plastics (such as PP, PC, PVC, PMMA), etc.


Product Features

Low viscosity

Excellent Hydrophobic coating

Short surface dry time

Various curing methods

Non-flammable after curing

Anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion

Easy to clean

Good adhesion on the metal ceramic graphite materials





Non-flammable composites

Polymer matrix composites

Glass and Abrasives

Applications with low surface tension and high hydrophobic


Technical index 

Appearance: Colorless to light yellow transparent liquid

Molecular weight (Mn): 900-1000

Solid content: 10% (other contents could be customized)

Liquid Density: 0.68g/cm3

Viscosity: 2cp-5cp

Cracking threshold: 100µm+(coating thickness)

Curing conditions: cured in room temperature without catalyst

Surface dry time in room temp.: 10min-15min

Totally cured time:  a. more than 24hours in room temp.

                   b. Heating could promote the curing process, heat in 120-  150 for 2-5hours after surface dry.

The hardness after cured:  Room temp. cured for 12hours:  4H

                         Room temp. cured for 24hours:  6H

Hydrophobic angle: 110°-120°

Recommended temperature of varnish coating: <300℃

Recommended operating temperature with main coating: <1000℃

Chemical masking: perform good with O2H2O and other gas

Linear shrinkage: <1%

Transmittance (visible light): >95%

Metal Adhesion (Cross-Hatch): 0 grade

Shelf life: 12months in unopened condition


① Solid content of IOTA 9283 is 10%, could be customized as customers’ requirements.

② The heating curing process of IOTA 9283 is operated after surface dried, curing temp. is 60-200. The totally cured time will be shorten as the temp. increasing.

③ The hydrophobic angle of cured IOTA 9283 coating is stable at 115°, it could keep around 109° after heating with 350℃ in 1hour.

④ The operating temp. of IOTA 9283 is related to the coating thickness, the higher thickness, the better protection, but the coating is easy to be crack in high. Temp.



The product could be miscible with most non-polar solvents, such as alkanes, ethers, ketones, esters. Insoluble in alcohol and ether solvents, such as diethylene glycol dimethyl ether, diethylene glycol dibutyl ether, tetraethyl ether Butyl glycol ether.

It’s also miscible with a variety of resins, such as epoxy silicone resin, silicone resin, it will shorten the curing time and improve resin hardness when mixed with silicone resins.


Operation methods

Operating and storing in a dry, cool and well-ventilated environment, away from heat and fire sources, the recommended temperature is 0-20℃.

The gloves, masks, etc. is necessary when taking the product.

Uncured product should not be placed close to fire sources, humid air, or water.

The container must be replace the air with nitrogen/argon and completely sealed in time after use.

Unused product that has been formulated cannot be recycled and should be disposed of in accordance with local regulations.

Products beyond the shelf life can be used only after the retesting complied.



Packed in 100ml, 1L, 5L metal drums.



Proper cleaning methods are important. After use, quickly wipe down the tool with acetone or mineral spirits.

Once IOTA-9283 is cured, ordinary solvents cannot be washed away. It can be treated with strong alkali such as sodium hydroxide 10% aqueous solution for more than 5 hours.


The storage environment should be dry, cool and well ventilated, away from heat and fire sources. The packaging container must be kept tightly closed and handled with care. The storage temperature should be kept between 0°C and 20°C, and the storage period is 12 months.

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