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RTV Methyl silicone rubber MY-RTV-107

RTV Methyl silicone rubber MY-RTV-107

Product Name: RTV silicone rubber gel
Abbreviation: 107 rubber (MY-RTV-107)
Molecular formula: HO {(CH3) 2SiO} nH
CAS No.: 63148-60-7
Product Standard: GB / T 27570-2011

1. Appearance: colorless and transparent flow liquid
2. Specifications :Viscosity (25 ℃, Mpa.s)
3. Volatile Phenol (150 ℃, 3h,% ): ≤2.0
4. Surface curing time (h): ≥2

Performance and Application:
MY-RTV-107 is colorless transparent liquid, with a crosslinking agent, a catalyst at room temperature curing, long-term to maintain flexibility in the temperature range of -60 ~ 200 ℃, with excellent electrical properties and chemical stability, the ability of resistance to water, resistance to weathering. RTV-107 is widely used in electronics, semiconductor, automotive, machinery, textiles, plastics, printing and construction.

Packaging and transportation:
1. Drum barrel, net weight 190kg/barrel.
2. Stored in a cool dry and ventilated place, avoid fire, avoid contact with acids, alkalis.
3. Non-dangerous goods transportion.
4. Move gently.
5. Transport avoid rain, moisture, sun, acid, alkali and other impurities.

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