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Analysis on the processing method and application field of multi-layer adhesive label

2019-10-28 3870099

Multi layer adhesive label refers to the label with multi-layer base paper or multi-layer surface material, which can be divided into multi-layer base paper adhesive label and multi-layer surface material adhesive label. In the past, the application field of multi-layer self-adhesive label is not extensive, most of which are used to print anti-counterfeiting labels and product descriptions. With the continuous improvement of the end-users' requirements for the exquisite degree and anti-counterfeiting of labels, as well as the increasing demand for special application of labels, in recent two years, the application of multi-layer self-adhesive labels has become more and more extensive.
Multi layer surface material adhesive label
Multi layer surface material self-adhesive label refers to the label with multi-layer surface material of the same size and shape on the label surface. The multi-layer surface materials of such labels are connected as a whole by adhesive or other methods. Some labels also have the properties of repeated peeling and bonding.
Most of the multi-layer adhesive labels are made by on-line processing, that is, double roll processing is carried out on the machine-made label printing machine, such as mcandie and other flexographic printing machines. In the satellite label printing machine, two printing rollers are needed for printing and processing at the same time, such as the label printing machines of Japan's Sankin, Ko pack, sun and other companies. In order to process multi-layer adhesive label, some satellite letterpress label printing machines are equipped with hot melt adhesive tape casting coating device and vertical folding device, which can not only print ink, but also print UV silicone oil and coating adhesive. Usually, this printing opportunity has multiple color decks, generally more than 8 colors. More stations, more configuration, more functions, convenient combination. With the improvement of people's requirements for the exquisite degree of labels, in recent years, the combination printing is quietly rising. Many satellite relief label printing machines are equipped with screen printing, cold pressing and other stations, which also provides convenience for the printing of multi-layer adhesive labels.
Generally, both ends of the equipment used to process multi-layer adhesive labels are equipped with paper feeding reels. The adhesive materials and single-layer surface materials are respectively installed on the paper feeding reels at both ends of the machine. According to the configuration of the equipment, one color or multi-color printing can be completed. The last two volumes of printed materials are coated and compounded in the composite station. The composite station is generally equipped with a special coating roller (flexographic press usually prints the whole or part of the adhesive in the part to be coated through the unit). After coating the adhesive, the two rolls of materials are combined by the pressing roller. The composite material enters the die-cutting station again. At this time, the two-layer materials are cut off at the same time, and the multi-layer waste edge is automatically discharged, rewound, and the label is processed and formed.
There are also some electronic product labels that have strict requirements on material and thickness. Generally, a single material cannot meet the thickness requirements. At this time, there are also some enterprises in the existing self-adhesive material and composite a layer of self-adhesive surface material to meet the customer's requirements, which is also a multi-layer surface material self-adhesive label.
The multi-layer adhesive label is mainly used in cosmetics, medicine, food and other fields. The cosmetics industry mainly uses double-layer adhesive labels with pictures and texts on both sides, which can play a good decorative effect when pasted on the transparent bottle body. In addition, some lubricating oil bottles will also be pasted with double-layer surface material stickers. In medicine and food industry, multi-layer self-adhesive labels are used, most of which are printed on the first layer of materials, and the following layers of materials are printed with product manuals. In this way, the user can open the lower multi-layer manual after uncovering the first layer material, view the above information content, and close the first layer material again after reading, and the shape of the label remains unchanged. Compared with the general instructions, this kind of label not only has lower cost, but also is superior in packaging anti-counterfeiting due to its special printing equipment, special technology and difficult processing.
Multi layer adhesive label
The adhesive label of multi-layer backing paper refers to the adhesive label with only one layer of material, but composite multi-layer backing paper, among which the adhesive label of double-layer backing paper is the most widely used. Double bottom paper label can be processed into "parent label".
The so-called "sub label" is that there are several small labels in a large label. The "parent label" needs to cut off the surface material and the first layer of backing paper, but not the bottom layer of backing paper, while the "sub label" in it only cuts off the surface material, not the next two layers of backing paper. In this way, when the "parent tag" is removed, all the "sub tags" will be removed from the bottom paper together, and the "sub tag" can be removed from the "parent tag" separately.
At present, "parent child label" is mainly used in the field of spare parts processing and medicine. In the processing of spare parts, a large part is often assembled by several small parts in order. In order to facilitate the operation of workers, we can add this "parent child label" on the parts. The operator can first print the names and installation sequence of all parts on the "parent and child labels", then paste the "parent labels" on the main parts, then remove the "child labels", and paste them on other parts according to the assembly sequence marked above. In the subsequent assembly of parts, operators can clearly know which small parts a large part consists of and what the assembly sequence is, which not only improves the work efficiency, but also greatly reduces the error rate. For example, some hospitals can also use the "mother child label" for clinical medication. Doctors can print the patient's name, condition and other information on the "parent child label", one is posted in front of the bed, and the other is used for filing, so that even if the medical staff rotate, they can smoothly understand the patient's condition and medication.
The processing of "parent child label" is relatively simple. In general, the process of multiple die cutting after direct printing is often adopted for the "parent label". That is to say, after the label printing is completed, the surface material and the first layer of base paper are respectively die-cut by the double die-cutting base die-cutting machine to obtain the "parent label".
The above briefly introduces the processing methods and application fields of multi-layer self-adhesive label. I believe that with the development of society and the maturing of label printing technology, the processing methods of multi-layer self-adhesive label will be more and more, and its application in various fields will be more and more extensive.
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