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Start from the beginning! Stock up a high-end head regimen for yourself!

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Look at the hair on the floor of the Office
Hair on the floor at home
Ah!!! My hair!!
What can I do to save my hair?
A couplet in season
Have already lived a healthy life
Until one day, she learned about head therapy.
No, Xiao Lian found a professional shop
This shop doesn't just have head treatments.
"Top priority" all kinds of things to it properly!
Toudaotang health center
Head, hair and body
What is head regimen?
For human body, the head is composed of five viscera, seven channels and eight collaterals
Top management
The head is the epitome of the human body
It is the holographic acupoint area of all organs in the whole body.
All yang meridians of the whole body are above the head
There are so many ways of hair care
Not all traditional seedlings and grasses are useful
Thousands of healthy hair state
Not everyone can have the black and shiny hair of Miao women
There is no shortage of soup made by brag
But not everyone knows the essence of Miao Tang.
Thousands of cooking methods of Miao soup
It's not any soup. It's all the first soup.
No.1 scalp Detox decoction, No.2 Jianfa decompression decoction, and No.3 Yangfa Anshen Decoction
Natural plant boiling
No (amino) silicone oil, no nonionic surfactant
Without emulsifier, toudaotang is made of plant
Keep plant ingredients free of preservatives, additives, etc.
Always adhere to the soup made by Miao Cao
Add the right amount of water to the right soup
Full release of plant components
This is the secret of soups
In addition to head care and health care
In the store, there is zhuifengtang and Zuxun
Body fire recovery and bee therapy
Special medicine bath and facial health care project
Toudaotang Zhuifeng Tang Zuxun and Fen
Two fumigation courses for removing cold dampness and cooling dampness
They are Hanshi No.1 soup and Shishi No.2 soup.
The two principle is to apply the essence of the decoction to the feet by fumigation.
Promote blood circulation, open up the whole body meridians
Will hide the "poison" in the body
(cold toxin, humidity, congestion, toxic heat)
It can expel cold and dampness.
Relieve pain, eliminate fatigue, strengthen body and other effects
Health from the beginning!
Quickly stock up a high-end head health care!
Registration hotline: 17718490167 (wechat synchronization)
Contact person: Mr. Wu
How many people are eager to study in a good university?
You may have.
When I look back, the man is in the dim light.
You are nearing graduation.
Thinking of the happiness and splendor of college life,
Maybe you're going to go all over the world soon.
At this time, your heart, inevitably have a sense of loss!
You want to keep the wonderful moments of your college life.
You suddenly find that:
China Telecom campus card and IOT card can help you realize your wish!
You can join the campus agent team to realize your different wonderful campus life!
When autumn comes, the fish come out of the water. The birds are flying in the forest and singing happy songs. It seems that they are welcoming autumn! Let's cherish the beautiful autumn and enjoy the wonderful scene in Beijing's countryside!
In autumn, we can come to Fangshan Longmen ecological park to experience the mysterious Buddhist culture and the solemnity of the temple and the charm of yoga, meditation, tea ceremony and dietotherapy!
In autumn, we can come to Daxing love sea park to experience the romance of private customized wedding commemoration activities with a better yearning for the future!
In autumn, we can enjoy all kinds of animal woodcarvings, Bodhisattva patterns and strange buildings in Daxing Yalu Valley!
In autumn, let's go to TongZhou honest government theme park + canal to feel the charm of Tongzhou canal culture. We can't help but lament the great role the canal played in promoting the prosperity of our ancient Chinese civilization! PI Rixiu's two poems of Bianhe River in memory of ancient times said: "it is a river that died in the Sui Dynasty. It has traveled thousands of miles. If there is no water temple or dragon boat, Yu's contribution is not much. "
In autumn, let's go to TongZhou's "fifth season" tropical farm to experience the different customs of Taiwan's agricultural leisure and health, beach swimming, fishing and barbecue, picnic and camping!
You can also come to Miyun gubeishui town to experience the magnificent beauty. It is beautiful in the simple streets, long Hutong, the Great Wall, small bridges and flowing water houses, boating ancient town, wine making technology and bar houses, dye houses, food!
Finally, let's come to Huairou Zhongying digital base studio, which imitates the architecture construction of Ming and Qing Dynasties. You can feel the strong impact brought by the huge differences between ancient and modern buildings!
Go out and play
Every good scene was photographed
A campus card of China Telecom and the latest package flow card of China Mobile
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Sometimes, people are far away
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Two people are miles apart
But it's like it's in front of you.
It sings and nestles beside you like a bird
It's like a fish
Always with you
Play with you
It's more like a cicada
Singing for you all the year round
Make you happy
Worry for you
China Telecom campus card and Internet of things special card can be handled both inside and outside the school.
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Nothing is impossible.
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Focus on more
Telecom campus card: 200 yuan for 13 months, 300 yuan for 25 months
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Contact person: Wu Shuai
Tel: 17718490167 (wechat synchronization)
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