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Usage and precautions of Zhenyi herbal black hair dew

2019-10-28 3870114

Although Zhenyi materia medica product is good, it should be built on the premise of correct operation, and several precautions should be emphasized:
About allergy testing:
1. During the allergy test, it must be noted that the ratio of 1 agent and 2 agents extruded is about 1:1, and then mix and evenly apply them to the test behind the ears. Otherwise, if the ratio difference is too large, it will increase the probability of allergy. You can cut a corner at will, and the number of two colors "Brown and transparent" extruded should be 1:1 as much as possible.
2. In theory, the time of allergy test should wait for 48 hours, which is the most rigorous process. In fact, if it's OK to wait for more than 10 minutes, most people will find it out. Of course, there will be a few slow reactions that can't be detected.
Why should we mention this? In fact, many people are not willing to let customers wait 48 hours after the test. Even the barber shop will not test for such a long time, which is not in line with the actual market logic. This is the difference between theory and reality, and is only for reference.
Because we have met with a period of time when it was strictly required to do an allergy test for the first use, but suddenly there was an explosion of allergies. Finally, it was found that most people didn't pay attention to the detail of 1:1. When they didn't ask for it before, they had fewer allergies.
3. The following content is only for reference and please refer to it rationally!
Because I am very familiar with the product, I basically don't do sensitivity measurement when I use it, but I will ask a few questions:
1. Have you dyed your hair before, is it allergic?
2. Is the skin very sensitive?
3. Is there any wound on the scalp?
If not, I will use it directly. If I have a history of hair dye allergy before, I will directly tell the other party not to recommend it.
If the scalp is sensitive or has a wound, I will tell him that the scalp may be uncomfortable or may be allergic. Do you want to use it? If you want to use it, you need to do an allergy test first. This is the theoretical and practical situation.
About how to use:
Our product does not touch the scalp, but it will stick to the skin. Because the scalp is protected by a layer of grease film, but the bare skin is not. Therefore, when using it, we must pay attention not to touch the hair around.
Of course, it is inevitable to pay attention to it. So please pay special attention to the key step:
When you wait after painting your hair, you can wipe the dye around with a wet towel or paper towel. It's OK, because just after painting, it's about 3 minutes after painting a short hair. Even if it sticks, you can wipe it off with a wet towel. If you don't care, it's relatively difficult to wipe it off later if you let him wait for a long time. 。
Three steps to avoid skin contact:
1. Before use, apply conditioner or any cream along the hair line (do not apply it to the hair).
2. Use a wet towel to clean the place when waiting.
3. Rinse the skin and rub the foam to clean the surrounding skin.
There is basically no problem in achieving the above three points.
About product color and after use:
When you have finished using it, you must remember to wash it completely, and then dry it completely. Don't dry it half and 90% of the time. In this way, the hair can be deeply fixed without sticking clothes and pillows.
The color of our plant hair dye product is natural black. You will see a light brown when facing the sun. This natural black will look more comfortable. The black dyed by traditional pure chemical hair dye will be very dark, dull and unnatural, dark and dark.
Here is a question in advance:
In terms of fading, our plant hair will be dyed a little faster than pure chemical hair dye. This is a little faster, but it's only relative. It won't say that the difference is very big.
Because plant ingredients are relatively less stable than chemical ingredients, and the more natural black color will fade faster than pure black itself. Of course, this won't be too different, just to remind you that if you think the color is off, it's not expensive, convenient and safe to wash your head with the product.
After dyeing the hair, remember not to use the shampoo without silicone oil, the shampoo without silicone oil is generally transparent, because the cleaning ability is too strong, it may affect the product fixation, we can use more conditioner, because it can nourish the hair and stabilize the fixation at the same time.

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