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Xi Xiu mask, water cream, cleanser, plain cream recommended by students at parity, can also mix up 199 agents, self sharing can also make money!

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A brief introduction to Xi Xiu~
Xixiu is a brand founded in September 2015, which integrates skin care, makeup and washing.
Xi Xiu can enjoy the agency price with 199 new products at least. It's super cost-effective to use or act as an agent!
Up there are 870 yuan for the city, 2700 for the province, 9000 for the city, 19800 for the district.
? recruitment agency - every month there are drainage activities, single to single training, no worries after sales. You can apply for a full refund if you take the goods for three months. Zero risk, guaranteed.
About the stream show
Hi, new friends Hello, I'm Xiaohua
I sell "Xi Xiu" skin care brand, mainly plant skin care, a series of!
A product with zero addition and safety for adults and children
Besides, all the products of Xi Xiu are insured by Pacific Insurance, are they sponsored by Miss Chinese in the world, or are they listed by CCTV
Beautiful beauty strongly recommend star products ~ ~ Xixiu relies on word-of-mouth, quality and a high-quality product to bring beauty to consumers and make everyone consume at a lower price?!
Xi Xiu can act as an agent when he / she gets 199 yuan for product mix and match. One authorization can match and take the goods at will, and one authorization can enjoy the agent price for life.
The following set of dishes can be represented, then sent to the river show lipstick, makeup remover spray, mascara, shower gel, Sunscreen Spray and other small gifts.
After joining, we have a large number of materials for free forwarding.
Wechat ai20171206
Xiaodai, official director of Xixiu skin care products V: ai20171206
Anhui Bengbu General distributor
Wechat entrepreneurs choose Xixiu, 199 to join the low threshold and high income!
Xixiu enterprise has always been committed to building a low threshold business platform. It is necessary to integrate corporate culture and high-quality services, and strive to build a brand concept of "Xixiu" - Xiling Shuixiu, pure and natural, so that all people who love beauty can obtain beauty in the process of relaxed, free and happy, and bring wonderful and extraordinary quality of life.
At present, there are:
Skin care series: Xi Xiu cleansing gel, Xi Xiu plant essence pat water, Xi Xiu plant essence pat milk, Xi Xiu plant essence moisturizing cream, Xi Xiu little green box mask, Xi Xiu ice film, Xi Xiu Yan cream.
Make-up series: Xiu Xiu air cushion CC cream, Xiu Xiu jelly lipstick, Xi Xiu double head mascara, Xi Xiu velvet lipstick.
Washing and protection series: Xixiu no silicone oil tea bran shampoo, Xixiu no silicone oil tea bran conditioner, Xixiu Shower Gel
Ink algae series: Xi Xiu Mo algae, moistening beauty muscle fluid, Xi Xiu Mo alga multi effect repair cream, Xi Xiu alga Skin Brightening Essence essence, Xi Xiu algae bloom skin firming mask.
Xiaodai, director of Xi Xiu, invites agents from all regions of the country to scan and add wechat
The hottest thing in 2019 is the skin care industry. If you are a working person, if you are Baoma who has nothing to do at home, if you are a student, your spare time is boring, if you like to use your mobile phone very much, you can start a business with your mobile phone, without any extra money. League fee, no shop fee, you can be your own boss directly, with a minimum of 199 yuan to join the first heart team of Xi Xiu! It's not a dream to climb the peak of wealth. Xixiu is the No. 1 skin care brand in micro business. Lin Zhiying, Huang Shengyi, is the spokesperson of the two stars.
The sales volume of V-Trust channel is far ahead. Welcome to ai20171206
As long as I become my agent, I am absolutely responsible to the end!
Pack church pack shipping!
Do your best to be an agent in all aspects
(provide powder blasting activities to agents every month
Teach agents how to attract accurate fans)
I have my own team. I'm not alone!
In 2019, wechat business can not go far alone, but must grow together with the team.
No matter how good an individual is, he can't work as a team!
If you have dreams, too,
I happen to want to be a Xi Xiu agent
The significance of Xi Xiu's existence is to help women to find the source of life and regain the beautiful new force. Xi Xiu can not only help women glow at the external level, but also encourage women to return to their original mind, pursue their internal self, and let aesthetics become the wisdom of life. Leading the trend with innovation and realizing development with pragmatism.
For more information, add xiaodai wechat, director of Xi Xiu ai20171206

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