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[serial 6] Wuhan Defense War: my thoughts you will never understand

2020-04-06 3892001

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Huasheng: Currently, he is the executive vice president of China Federation of overseas Chinese business, vice president of Beijing Federation of overseas Chinese, honorary Dean of School of economics and management of Southeast University, Professor of Southeast University, the first batch of senior professors and doctoral supervisors of Humanities and social sciences of Southeast University, professor and doctoral supervisor of Wuhan University.
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With the various concealment behaviors in the early epidemic prevention work of Hubei and Wuhan constantly exposed, especially the principals and responsible persons in Hubei and Wuhan, not hesitate to use all kinds of serious illegal means to deceive, cover up the truth, suppress and crack down on the doctors and insiders who tell the truth, so that we repeatedly miss the opportunity to kill the virus in the early stage, many people also have a chance A common question: why do these people do this? At the beginning, they simply reported the actual situation according to the regulations. Even if there was a situation like the situation in some countries was not under control, they would not have too much responsibility? What was their original idea and pursuit?
People are not high or low. Although my previous articles severely criticized the principals and responsible persons in Hubei and Wuhan, I never thought that they were born villains or conspirators who had planned to commit irregularities from the very beginning. On the contrary, I fully believe that they are ordinary people and ordinary people like us. Only because of the coincidence of chance and the unremitting efforts of their own orientation, they have repeatedly passed the official sea and occupied important positions. At the beginning of the epidemic, they also acted according to their own habits and routines. Later, only because of path dependence and logic, they gradually fell into a deeper and deeper mire.
From the perspective of ordinary people, not only can we understand more phenomena, but also can help us get more enlightenment and police province. As we all know, Dr. Li Wenliang is not a natural hero, but a specific environment and situation, turning him into a warrior and a hero. But it is also because of this that Li Wenliang makes millions of ordinary people feel kind and resonates with us, because he is one of us. He showed us that we, who usually like to hide things and are unavoidably mediocre and cowardly, will also have heroic actions in specific scenes, and will also burst out the spark of heroism and make heroic acts without hesitation.
Similarly, from the perspective of ordinary people to analyze the motivational behaviors of these principals and responsible people in Hubei and Wuhan, we will also see that there are some greed, selfish thoughts and cultural evils hidden in these ordinary people, which may be more forgetful under the corruption of power, leaving our own afterwards shocked deeds, so that we can wake up and make ourselves aware We understand the weakness and complexity of human nature from the simple discussion of righteous indignation and voice, and then sublimate to a deeper insight and a higher spiritual realm.
When I remember that the internal and external factors of reporting happiness and not worrying were very small, I had the problem of concealing my mistakes in front of my parents and teachers. In order to have a little bit of vanity, in retrospect, it seems that we've done something false. Later when I grew up, I knew that this problem was not unique to me. Western proverbs say that man is half an angel and half a devil. In fact, what he reveals is his biological nature of seeking advantages and avoiding disadvantages. A good system and personal moral cultivation may enable a few people in most cases, or many people in a particular situation, to get rid of this point. But the gene of self-interest, I'm afraid, can't be changed. Therefore, the historical materialism of Marxism says that "once the thought leaves the interests, it will make itself ugly". In this sense, to face up to and recognize this point is the basis of building a good social system. On the contrary, if we only hope our destiny to some people no matter how noble their morality is, we will inevitably end up with tragic results. Therefore, the international anthem begins with the song, "there has never been a savior, nor an Immortal Emperor. To create human happiness, we have to rely on ourselves.". Although we ourselves are industrious and kind, we also have too many defects.
With this internal cause, if there is another external ecology, that is, singing praises is always positive energy, and talking about problems is considered as negative energy, then there are grand reasons and boundless righteousness to conceal problems. As reported by the media, the leaders of Wuhan Central Hospital reprimanded Dr. Ivan, the director of emergency department, for his three big hats of "disregard", "sinner" and "culprit", let alone a doctor. No matter where he got it, who can afford it?
If we go further, following and praising the leadership are positive energy, good will, opposition to leadership, criticism of leadership are negative energy, and malice. Praising the bright is equal to praising the wisdom of the leadership. Then, is there any original intention of Marxism and communists? As history has repeatedly proved, it will inevitably lead us to a less bright setback. In recent years, the education of keeping in mind our original intention and mission is essential to make every Party member and cadre, especially the leading cadres, bear in mind what is the original intention of the Communists? Where are we from? In the first place, the Chinese Communists had no power or money, which is what we have today. In the first place, they had none, but our enemies and opponents. Those who have the right to have money and can oppress people lose, and finally we win. What do we rely on? It depends on the Communist Party's dedication and sacrifice to strive for the people's Liberation and interests, so that the people will not be bullied. It depends on the support and aspirations of the people. Today, there is no danger in joining the party, and officials have the right to be courted. It's totally different from carrying their heads to join the party and making a revolution. How many of us can stick to this original idea and listen to criticism, and how can we stick to it?
Therefore, the most serious epidemic will pass sooner or later. However, through the summary of this epidemic, we can promote our reflection on the ecological environment of the official field, the alert of the officials who only listen to and only want to listen to the wind of praise and flattery, return to their original heart and mission. Like the economic anti-corruption, we can blow up the political wind of clearing away the empty words and falsehoods, advocating the truth and truth, and promote the institutional mechanism The reform and construction of the system will not be in vain.
Of course, it's not necessary to say that we can only talk about the dark side, which makes people frustrated and unable to raise their spirits. We can't even do damage and demolition by covering the whole area. China is such a big country, scattering sand in a heap, acting in its own way, which is even worse. People or human beings, living in the world, have suffered a lot. We need optimism to improve the quality of life and survival probability, and encourage ourselves to move forward. At the same time, pessimism reminds us to be alert and pay attention to the potential danger, which is also a necessity for human beings to survive. The so-called blessing comes from misfortune, while misfortune comes from blessing. Therefore, it is only allowed to praise achievements and achievements, not to criticize dark and wrong things, ugly things must be said to be beautiful, protect the short and not to touch; the mainstream media are more and more only coaxing to sing songs of praise, busy all day to help outsiders find problems and find faults. In the long run, it can only form a vicious circle in which there is only one kind of false voice in a society, and the last one is often a big mistake. In fact, if we really want to be good for our own country and people, we should not only encourage our morale, but also often have the words that are true and against our ears, and always worry about the disaster of losing people's hearts. Otherwise, once formed can only say good can not say bad ethos, around the power, flatterers will flock, all kinds of clever flattery and meat and hemp flattery, for a long time, no one can still hold their own, so the absurd lies can also enter the room. The boastful mistakes we have made in the history of producing tens of thousands of Jin of grain per mu are a typical example of this kind of situation.
Unfortunately, at that time, the officials in Hubei and Wuhan lived in such an external and self created official ecosystem. Their first reaction to any problem is to close the door and solve it by themselves, eliminating all noise. For example, the requirements of the provincial and municipal health committee system for the national network direct reporting system are not unclear. As I said in the previous article, more than half a year ago, Wuhan Health Committee punished Wuchang branch of Wuhan Jinyintan hospital for failing to report problems to the network direct reporting system in time, and issued an announcement on the official website. Wuhan municipal official "Wuhan release" also admitted in response to netizens' questions on February 26 that the earliest case of pneumonia of unknown cause registered in their internal information system was December 8, 2019. The first case recorded in the Lancet published by Wuhan Jinyintan hospital occurred on December 1, and three more cases occurred on December 10. No matter which hospitals these cases are scattered in, according to the requirements of organizing consultation and report, the CDC and the health care Commission of Wuhan city can not be unaware, because this is exactly their responsibilities clearly stipulated by laws and regulations.
After the tragic lessons of SARS, the national regulations on the management of information reporting on public health emergencies specially promulgated stipulates that "pneumonia of unknown cause is found", "the responsible reporting unit and the responsible reporter who obtain the information about public health emergencies shall report to the professional organization designated by the local health administration department by telephone or fax within two hours, with In case of network direct reporting conditions, network direct reporting shall be carried out at the same time. It can be seen that the laws and regulations that we summed up through the lessons of blood are still very strict. If we do it in strict accordance with the requirements of laws and regulations, wherever the new virus comes from, we are likely to kill its transmission in the bud. Therefore, laws and regulations must have authority and teeth to make people abide by awe. We must also make an example of those who treat laws and regulations as a joke and ignore them. Otherwise, the violators can exonerate themselves for various reasons, get away with the law and escape responsibility, which is not only extremely harmful to the current prevention of epidemic situation, but also difficult to avoid the recurrence of similar disasters.
In addition, the national program for surveillance, investigation and management of unexplained pneumonia cases also clearly stipulates that "two or more cases of unexplained pneumonia with epidemiological relevance occurred within two weeks" are already "clustered cases of unexplained pneumonia". We should pay more attention to them, report them immediately and take emergency measures. Therefore, from the first ten days of December to the middle ten days of December, it is unclear whether the municipal health and Health Committee has a high political position in the system, actively sharing the worries for the provincial and municipal leaders and solving the problems by itself without reporting, or whether it is agreed by the provincial and municipal leaders to do so. But in any case, the first fatal mistake has been made once violations of regulations are not reported directly to the national network system in early December.
By December 20, we can imagine that as the number of cases in various hospitals began to increase

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