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It's too cheap not to lose blood vessels! The countryside is everywhere!

2020-04-06 3892002

When it comes to the health care and therapeutic effects of protecting the heart and brain vessels, transforming thrombus and so on, the first thing most people will think of is 37. According to compendium of Materia Medica, 37 "can cure all blood diseases". The health care and therapeutic effect of Panax notoginseng in this respect can not be doubted.
Next to give you another kind of Chinese herbal medicine, the effect of blood vessels is not to lose Panax notoginseng!
It's cheaper than Panax notoginseng. Everyone can afford it
But there is a kind of grass medicine, which is not the same. It adapts to a wide range of environments, and its efficacy is not bad everywhere. The key is still cheap. This kind of herbal medicine is not only traditional Chinese medicine, but also vegetable. It tastes slightly spicy, like onion is not onion, like garlic is not garlic. Anyone guess what it is - it's Xiebai, also called XiaoSuan or jiluo.
Some people will ask, this is not the usual food, how can it be compared with the precious 37?
Wang Changshong, director of internal medicine of traditional Chinese medicine of Zhongda Hospital Affiliated to Southeast University, said that Xiebai has always been an important medicine for vascular problems such as chest pain and heartache. In Zhang Zhongjing's treatise on Febrile Diseases alone, there are three prescriptions for treating heart disease and cardiovascular disease. The exact and real function of Allium macrostemon is also confirmed by the family of traditional Chinese medicine.
It's a family at the dinner table, with no major cardiovascular problems
In the field of traditional Chinese medicine, there is such a family. There are three famous state-level senior Chinese doctors, two of them are great doctors of traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, one of them is a famous gynecologist of traditional Chinese medicine, and one of them has suffered from cancer (recovered). Because of the surname Guo, it is called "three Guo of traditional Chinese medicine".
This is Guo Shikui, the first Chinese doctor to treat heart disease, as well as Guo Zhiqiang and Guo Weiqin, two famous national doctors~
(left) Guo Zhiqiang, a national famous veteran doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, chief physician of Beijing Dongzhimen Hospital, and a famous gynecologist of traditional Chinese Medicine
Guo Weiqin, Dean of the first clinical school of Beijing University of traditional Chinese medicine and director of Clinical Research Institute of Beijing University of traditional Chinese Medicine
(right) Guo Shikui, Guo Weiqin's father, a famous expert in cardiovascular disease of traditional Chinese medicine, has successively served as the director and vice president of the cardiovascular disease research office of Xiyuan Hospital, Chinese Medicine Research Institute of the Ministry of health
There are two cardiovascular doctors in one family. The heart and blood vessels of the family are very good. This is closely related to a side dish on the table of Guo's hometown, i.e. sweet and sour scallop.
Guo old introduction: This Xiebai not only can cook, but also can be used as medicine.
Allium macrostemon is also a kind of spicy medicine in clinic. Xin is able to diverge and move, so it can regulate qi, broaden chest and open Yang. According to traditional Chinese medicine, it has the effect of "Regulating Qi, clearing Yang and broadening chest". Zhang Zhongjing, the doctor, uses it to treat coronary heart disease caused by deficiency of heart Yang.
Xiebai is more effective for the heart. Only by heart qi and heart Yang can the blood run in the body without end. If the heart Yang is insufficient, it is easy to produce cold and curl up. Visceral blood vessels are the same. When they are cold, they contract. If they are serious, they spasm.
Because of the contraction of blood vessels, the blood runs slowly and is easy to coagulate, it is easy to cause chest obstruction and heartache, which we now call coronary heart disease and angina pectoris. The discomfort of heart caused by deficiency of heart Yang is manifested by cool hands and feet, especially the back. Pain, chest pain, chest pain at the same time back pain. When it's cold, it gets worse.
Guo Shikui, the father of Guo Lao, is the first Chinese medicine to treat heart disease. Especially for coronary heart disease, he has a unique treatment method, and puts forward the theory of fragrant, warming, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. Fragrance refers to smell, which has a strong ability to move. The temperature makes the blood flow easily. As we all know, this single garlic has a kind of smell, and its effect is divergent.
Mr. Guo's way of eating this scallop is to use sugar and vinegar to pickle and make small dishes. Each meal is placed on the table as a side dish, so you don't need to eat too much, so it will have a good effect if you use it all the time.
Sweet and sour scallion
Take the Allium macrostemon, put it on a plate and kill it with salt. Put sugar and vinegar into a sealed container for seasoning, and put them in a cool place for 2-3 weeks before eating.
In addition, I'd like to introduce some other usages of Allium macrostemon. If you're tired of the sweet and sour Allium macrostemon, you can eat it in a different way.
Scallion white rice congee
Xiebai 10g, scallion 2, coriander right amount, japonica rice 100g.
Cut the scallop and scallion into 3-4cm segments, put them in the pot together with the japonica rice, add some water, cook the porridge gently, and then add the chopped coriander to cook the porridge.
Xiebai orange peel drink
Xiebai 9g (traditional Chinese Medicine), orange peel 9g, proper amount of brown sugar.
Put the Allium macrostemon and orange peel together in a casserole, add 1500 ml of clear water, bring to a boil over a high heat, then turn the low heat to half of the water, turn off the heat, and then add brown sugar to drink together.
One dose per day, 5 days as a course of treatment, can also be taken frequently.
People with a history of coronary heart disease and chest discomfort often take this Decoction in autumn and winter, which will play a significant role in improving the condition.
gualou xiebai banxia decoction
Some people's chest tightness can be caused by the weather forecast. When it rains or snows in cloudy days, the feeling of chest tightness will appear. After going to the hospital for an examination, there is nothing wrong with the heart.
According to the observation, the weather forecast type chest tightness friend, the body type partial fat occupies the majority, and belongs to the phlegm dampness constitution mostly. The cause of phlegm dampness constitution is usually due to the weakening of the function of spleen and stomach. According to traditional Chinese medicine, dampness will gather into phlegm and phlegm dampness will block in the chest, so there will be a feeling of chest tightness. If this is the case, we can use the Gualou xiebaixia Decoction in the synopsis of the golden chamber.
Synopsis of the golden chamber by Zhang Zhongjing
The whole Trichosanthes can remove phlegm, open the chest and clear the Qi
Xiebai 9g Tongyang
Nine grams of Rhizoma Pinelliae Curcumae for drying dampness and resolving phlegm
Boil the three herbs together for half an hour.
This formula is used twice a day. It has quick and immediate effect. It is recommended to drink for 3 days.
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