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How to use moisturizing lotion, skin care effect increased by 50%?

2020-04-06 3892056

Moisturizing lotion is more moisturizing and time efficient than the make-up water. It can lock the moisture tightly on the skin and is not easy to greasy. Let's look at the time and method of moisturizing lotion.
The order of application is first, then
Lotion is not to smear the whole face at the same time, but to smear it where it is most dry. If you have not used eye cream, apply the eye first, then the cheeks, the sides of the mouth, the upper and lower jaws, and then apply the whole face after finishing these parts, so that the dry parts will be doubly moistened.
When daubing, use the power of the belly
The best use of the emulsion is to use the power of the fingers, because the strength of the pulp is moderate and elastic, which makes the skin feel the most comfortable.
Gently massage away from the center of the face
Apply the emulsion to massage action, so that it is more conducive to the absorption of the skin. It is suggested that massage should be gently massage from the central part of the face until it is completely absorbed by the skin.
Different skin types have different choices
Moisturizing lotion is not skin free. Moisturizing lotion is mostly designed for dry skin. If your skin is mixed or oily skin, Xiaobian suggests that you use less oil. The heat preservation lotion is marked with "refreshing" lotion.
Morning and evening moisturizing lotion is different.
The needs of our skin are different. Sooner or later, it is necessary to take into account the factors of ultraviolet radiation. Therefore, it is recommended to choose moisturizing lotion with UV effect during the day. At night, the skin will enter the repair phase voluntarily. Therefore, we should choose moisturizing lotion with whitening, moisturizing and repairing functions.
Increase the use of moisturizing lotion when your skin is particularly tired.
Generally speaking, the amount of emulsion will not exceed the amount of make-up water, about 1 cents coins size. But if you feel very tired or dark skin sometimes, it means that the skin needs more water and nutrition. At this time, you need to increase the use of large amount, using the amount of two to three coins, so that the skin can get more water and nutrition.
Makeup water is no substitute for moisturizing lotion.
No matter how much moisturizing lotion you use, the make-up water is still the make-up water. It only temporarily moisturizes the skin. It is almost impossible for the make-up water to be completely sealed in the skin, but we can use the moisturizing lotion to seal the moisture well in the skin.
Moisturizing lotion is applied to the neck every time.
Some people apply only moisturizing lotion to the face. In fact, moisturizing lotion can be applied to the neck, because the amount of fat in the neck is very small, and it needs more water and grease than the face. Therefore, when we apply the moisturizing lotion, we should extend the movement to the neck. We need to know that the neck is the key part to reveal the age of a woman.
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