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Southeast University starts from April 19, and doctoral and graduate classes are preferred to return to school

2020-04-07 3892139

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On April 6, Southeast University issued a notice that its students will report to the University in batches and by stages from April 19. It is understood that the first batch of returned students are all undergraduate and master's graduates, all doctoral students and students with online learning difficulties.
According to the notice, the faculty and staff of the University began to work on April 13. Faculty and staff shall submit relevant information truthfully in the "health declaration" of information self-service of Southeast University. After returning to school, teachers from other places shall abide by the relevant regulations of local governments, their streets and communities on epidemic prevention and control, and shall be isolated and observed at home for 14 consecutive days, during which there is no abnormal respiratory symptoms such as fever, cough, etc. Su Kang code is shown as green before entering the school to carry out work.
Southeast University reminded that all students are required to return to school at the time notified by the counselor, and will not return to school without receiving the notice. Students should do a good job of personal protection on the way back. When taking public transportation, they should wear masks all the way to avoid close contact and conversation with others, and try not to eat in public restaurants on the way.
Southeast university students told the Beijing news that they have received the notice about the return time from Southeast University. On April 19, the first batch of returned students were undergraduates and master's graduates, all doctoral students and students with online learning difficulties. On May 6, Southeast University arranged for the first and second year postgraduates to return to school. From May 20 to 21, the first, second, third and fourth (five-year) undergraduates of Southeast University will return to school.
In addition to Southeast University, other universities in Jiangsu Province also announced the opening time. Nanjing University will open its first batch on April 28, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics will open its first batch on April 20, and Hehai University, Nanjing Agricultural University, Nanjing University of technology, Nanjing Institute of physical education and other universities will open its first batch on April 17.
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