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Direct dialogue | Southeast University's 2020 Fujian Special enrollment promotion online live!

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Introduction to Tung Tai University
Founded in 1902, Sanjiang Normal School of Southeast University is one of the old eight schools of architecture and one of the original four engineering colleges. It is one of the first batch of national key construction universities of double first class (Class A), 211 project and 985 project.
Eleven disciplines of Southeast University were selected into the list of national "double first-class" construction disciplines, and five disciplines obtained a + in the fourth round of discipline evaluation, both of which ranked eighth in China; 11 disciplines entered the top 1% of ESI world, including 25 disciplines in engineering and 22 disciplines in computer science, both of which entered the top 1 ‰ of ESI world. In the world ranking of USNEWS 2020, it ranks 311th in the world, and 13th in mainland universities; in 2019, it ranks 151-200 in the world academic ranking of soft science world university, and 9th-17th in mainland universities. It is a comprehensive and research university with engineering as its main feature, covering philosophy, economics, law, education, literature, science, engineering, medicine, management, art and other disciplines 。
About the lecture
In order to better serve the examinees and their parents, the undergraduate enrollment Office of Southeast University launched an online enrollment promotion meeting in different provinces and cities. In the way of mobile live broadcast, we can not only understand the professional profile and school characteristics of Dongda, but also hear the detailed interpretation of the enrollment policies of special provinces and cities, directly talk with the head of the enrollment publicity group of our school, and master the first-hand enrollment information!
At 19:00 p.m. on April 8, Professor Gu Chengjun, leader of Fujian enrollment publicity group of Southeast University, and Professor Wu Jing, deputy leader of Fujian enrollment publicity group, will appear in the live room to answer questions and solve doubts for you!
Viewing mode
Live time scan QR code to enter "gaokaobao" and watch it directly. Any questions related to enrollment can be asked in the live room, and the teacher will answer them one by one.
After the live broadcast, you can scan the code and watch the playback.
Contact information
Fujian enrollment consultation QQ group: 1043594387
Fujian enrollment consultation hotline: 15751768053, 17366217929
Welcome to consult with your parents and examinees!
Next, there will be official account for different provinces and cities every day. We will make a public notice in advance. Please look forward to it.
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