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[senior brother and senior sister talk about further education] exchange meeting for undergraduate students of Southeast University to share their experience in entering university and going abroad

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Introduction to Sharers
Self introduction.
I'm Qin Lingtian from the school of architecture, Southeast University, grade 15. At present, I have obtained the graduate qualification of architectural design and theoretical escort of Southeast University. I'm approachable, like to study and accept challenges, and like to communicate.
I have a wide range of interests and hobbies, like painting, plane, hip-hop, etc., and have successively served as a class publicity committee member, League branch secretary, Deputy Department of publicity of League School Association of Architecture College, one of the directors of Publicity Department of hip-hop dance club, one of the directors of volunteer team of "little architect", and one of the directors of self media of archigh website.
During the undergraduate course, he won the outstanding social work award of the school of architecture of Southeast University, the third prize of the 15th structural innovation competition of Southeast University, and the outstanding League member of the school of architecture of Southeast University.
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Guarantee research policy, time planning, work collection sharing, contact with tutors, assessment method and mentality adjustment
Introduction to Sharers
Self introduction.
Hi! I'm Hu Zhixian, a water supply and drainage graduate of 2016 earth Academy. During the undergraduate period, I worked as a league secretary, Student Union minister, national innovation and provincial innovation, dance in the College Art Troupe, and volunteer in the East University Youth Association for three years; I won the National Award, Guanghua scholarship, three good students, excellent League cadres, etc. I have tried many things before I finally know what I want. One semester in Germany made me fall in love with the feeling of experiencing different cultures. I was an engineering student who liked to learn languages and travel. I was a movie fanatic. I had a restless heart.
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1. Apply for Swedish Royal Institute of technology experience
1. Exchange experience of Munich University of Technology
Introduction to Sharers
Self introduction.
Xu zhaochen, a 2016 undergraduate majoring in urban underground space engineering of Transportation College, ranks 1 / 43 of the majors, and has been granted the degree of Baoyan to Southeast University (double degree program from Southeast University to Paris high tech road and Bridge School). During the period of study, he served as monitor, office assistant manager of the college, official and micro director of the college. He has won honors such as three good students in Jiangsu Province, three good student pacesetter in Southeast University, national scholarship, subot scholarship, etc., won the third prize of the third national geotechnical engineering competition for college students, the third prize of the National English competition for college students in 2019, and presided over an innovation training for college students in Jiangsu Province Practice projects.
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The process and thinking of mind in the process of research and guarantee
On the trade-offs of several options
Introduction to Sharers
Personal profile
Song Yiheng, a senior of civil engineering college, is engaged in structural engineering research. In the undergraduate stage, he has successfully transferred with the first total score of all transferred students; won 30 disciplines competitions at all levels (including 8 at national level and above), so far obtained 88.0 SRTP credits, ranking first in the history of the University, and is expected to create a three digit historical record; completed 7 SCI papers, published 3 international conference papers, accepted 6 national invention patents; participated in 6 SRTP projects All of them are "excellent conclusion"; they assisted teachers in scientific research and were responsible for the application of 40 million national key special projects and national natural general projects; they were awarded with Baosteel scholarship, the honor of "person of the year" and "team leader of the year", and now they are the most influential candidates for undergraduate students.
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The current allocation method of promotion and exemption quota in Civil Engineering College
Introduction to Sharers
Personal introduction
Yang Yuxin, a grade 15 undergraduate majoring in landscape architecture, School of architecture, Southeast University, was admitted to the school of design, Harvard University. Class leader 015151, once won the outstanding student cadre of Jiangsu Province, and his class has won the Grand Slam of collective honor of Jiangsu Province and Southeast University; once went to Iowa State University for exchange study, and once interned in Zhu Yufan studio and SWA of Qinggui Institute Groups, etc.; won the national second prize of College Students' English competition, excellent design award of "micro renewal and micro happiness" in Nanjing community, top 100 of Southeast China new building competition, etc.; won the President Scholarship of Southeast University, and scholarship of Anhui Tongxi chamber of Commerce; two innovative training projects for college students, including one for national innovation and one for provincial innovation.
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20fall application experience sharing
Happy April Fool's Day
Personal introduction
Li Qiuxian, a senior undergraduate majoring in road, bridge and river crossing engineering, School of communications, Southeast University, gave up applying to go abroad for DIY. The application direction is mainly European and American mixed application of large civil engineering.
We have received offers: ETH Zurich, Imperial College London, Delft University of technology, kth Royal Institute of technology.
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DIY application process introduction and preparation
Time of participation:
19:00, April 8, 2020
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