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Long chain alkyl aryl silicone oil MY1203

Long chain alkyl aryl silicone oil MY1203

Characteristic: Used for spraying die, it has excellent heat resistance, sprayability and good compatibility with paint.

Scope of application: It is the main raw material of demoulding agent with high requirements in temperature resistance and sprayability.


MY1203 is an upgraded version of MY103 Series, which greatly improves the temperature resistance and lubrication performance. It has excellent lubrication effect for aluminium alloy demoulding.

1. Product Characteristics

This product is specially modified polysiloxane with long chain alkyl and aryl groups. It is used as demoulding agent for aluminium die casting with high requirements for temperature resistance and sprayability.

1) It is used for spraying die and has excellent heat resistance.

2) It has excellent sprayability.

3) Good compatibility with coatings.

2, Usage

Mold release agent;

Coating additives;

Lubricants or as lubricant additives.

3. The product is emulsified and used as a demoulding agent for moulds; when used as paint additives and lubricants, it can be used directly or diluted with organic solvents. In actual addition, please pay attention to adjusting the amount of additives properly; as TPE additive, it can be mixed with white mineral oil, the amount of additives is 1-2%.

4. Safety and Health Attention

The recorded products are industrial products. If there are special requirements for medical treatment, food, cosmetics and so on, please make appropriate tests beforehand and use them on the basis of confirming safety.

Before using this product, please test it beforehand in order to confirm whether it is suitable for use. In addition, the use described here is not guaranteed to conflict with any patent.

Because organosilicon may deteriorate in hot, light, acid and alkali environment, please keep it sealed in a cool place.

Packaging: 180kg/barrel, non-dangerous goods, transported by ordinary goods.

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