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MY 1401 Cyclopentasiloxane and Cyclotetrasiloxane and Dimethiconol

    MY 1401 Cyclopentasiloxane and Cyclotetrasiloxane and Dimethiconol
    Cyclopentasiloxane and Cyclotetrasiloxane and Dimethiconol


    IOTA 1401 Fluid is an high viscosity dimethiconol fluid mixed with cyclotetrasiloxane and cyclopentasiloxane, which preventing freezing feel on skin and other.


    soft skin feel

    used in hair-conditioner, especially split ends


    1. IOTA 1401 fluid used for skin creams and lotions, cosmetics, sun screen and tanning products. It can be emulsified or combined with volatile silicone oil, mineral oil for active ingredients such as sun screens.

    2. Provides a soft silky feel and conditioning from hair care products. It is particularly useful against split ends.

    Technical index

    Appearance: transparent to translucent viscous liquid
    Non-volatile content: 13%
    Viscosity at 25°C, mm2.s-1:  6000
    Flash point, closed cup(°C):  52
    Specific gravity at 25°C: 0.960
    Refractive index at 25°C: 1.397
    Cyclotetrasiloxane (D4) content, %: <43


    IOTA 1401 Fluid used in skin care products, sunscreens, emollients and moisturizers, to provide a water repellent, durable membrane.

    also be used to prepare waterproof sunscreen lotions.


    Emulsion products:

    1. used be incorporated directly into the oil phase of the formulation.

    2. when the temp. is above 60°C, the product is used to melt the oil phase, should be added slowly after the formation of the emulsion;
    below 50°C, it should be use a high shear mixer.

    Non-emulsion products:

    It is advisable to add the cosmetic ingredients to the silicone, according to your formulation.


    stored at or below 25°C in original, unopened containers.

    Keep away from heat, sparks and open flames.

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