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The lotion is well used and the skin is not troubled. Rui Wei Er Yan Yan moisturizing repair lotion, to relieve skin dry and dark problem.

2020-04-06 3892005

Autumn is a time of alternation of heat and cold. After the summer heat, our body will suffer from gas consumption and body fluid damage due to long-term heat consumption, which will lead to the imbalance of yin and Yang. The skin will also have various problems. Let's introduce the common skin problems in autumn.
Dry, rough
Although the weather in autumn is cooler, it will also be more dry. The lack of water in the body will cause dry and rough skin, resulting in dry mouth and rough tongue. In addition, with the growth of age, the ability of skin to retain water will decline, and the skin will become more dry.
So if you don't do your skincare work in advance in this season, it will get drier and drier in the coming days.
Fine lines
In autumn, due to the dry weather, the oil secreted by the skin will be reduced, and the surface layer of the skin will be lack of water, so it is easy to show signs of fine lines. Skin will also become rough, lack of luster, easy to take off makeup. And if you don't pay attention to care, the fine lines will become more and more obvious.
Allergies, redblood
In autumn, because of the weather, the metabolism of the skin on the face will slow down, so if many people's skin is not suitable, they will have allergies or even red blood.
Dark and dull
After a hot summer baking, the best way to turn the skin from black to white is to take a rest, let the accumulated melanin fade away slowly, and take this opportunity to take good care of the skin, metabolism spots or uneven skin color embarrassment.
Many people think that after summer, the skin will be safe. In fact, in the sunny autumn, it's easier to tan. If you add the lack of water, it's even more dull.
More obvious periocular problems
The eye is always the most sensitive area on the face, the thickness is 1 / 20 of other skin, the sebaceous glands are also the least distributed, and it is easy to have dry and fine lines naturally. Because of its fragile structure, it is often stimulated by the outside world to produce sensitive phenomenon. When the season changes, the maintenance should be more careful, so as to avoid small rash, granulation or too refreshing due to indigestion, which will make the fine lines more likely to climb out.
Seasonal change will cause various skin problems, so we must pay attention to skin care in autumn. Next, I would like to recommend some tips for skin care in autumn.
Pay attention to cleaning.
Due to the large temperature difference in autumn, the cold and hot weather makes the skin's resistance decrease, and it is easy to be infected by bacteria. Therefore, skin care in autumn should first focus on skin cleaning. You can choose the sun proof facial cleanser with strong bactericidal power, good cleaning effect and weak acid, or you can add a small amount of vinegar in the face washing and bathing to increase the cleaning effect.
Replenish water
Drink enough water, 6-8 cups per day, and add juice, mineral water, tea, etc. It can be applied to the face to reduce the moisture emission.
Don't exfoliate too often
Although the temperature in autumn tends to decrease gradually, the key to affect the skin condition is the change of humidity. Regular exfoliation will only cause skin damage and destroy the original protection function. At the same time, once the skin becomes too thin, foreign substances are more likely to invade, which is more harmful to the skin.
Therefore, the general skin can be exfoliated once a week or two, and sensitive skin should be more careful to avoid coarse particles.
Pay attention to moisturizing care
In the fall, we should pay attention to the moisturizing care of the stratum corneum. Besides the use of alcohol containing lotion and moisturizing milk, some skin needs moisturizing lotion to smear the face regularly. At the same time, you can wipe the forehead, nose, chin and other oil secretion vigorously with the make-up water.
Dry skin is best to massage more to promote blood circulation, so that the skin is not easy to lose water.
For a relatively dry skin, it is better to wipe a moisturizing cream before bedtime, while oily skin can only rub a small amount of cream when it is dry. In addition, it's best to drink water every two hours.
Therefore, the most fundamental thing in autumn is to moisturize the skin and effectively moisturize the skin. In the dry autumn weather, if you do a good job in skin problems, then in the following winter, your skin will be as tender and shiny.
Kangtingruini Weier
Moisturizing Lotion
Kang Tingrui Ni Wei Yan Yan moisturizing lotion is rich in many nutrients, it can effectively moisturize and repair skin, increase its moisture content, make skin moist, full, luster and keep healthy.
Usage: after moistening the skin, apply proper amount of this product on the face evenly, massage gently until fully absorbed.
Specifications: 60g
Price: 350 yuan
Kang Tingrui Ni Wei Yan Yan moisturizing and repairing lotion, effectively moisturizes the skin, protects and repairs, brightens the skin tone, and returns to your healthy and natural skin.
Efficient use of emulsion
The order of application is first, then
Lotion is not to smear the whole face at the same time, but to smear where it is best. If you haven't used eye cream, apply it around your eyes first, then on your cheeks, corners of your mouth, upper and lower jaws, etc. After these parts are painted, the whole face can be painted again, so that these dry parts can be double moistened. If eye cream has been used, it can be applied directly around the eye.
When daubing, use the power of the belly
Rubbing lotion is neither the palm nor the fingertip, but the power of the pulp, the power of the pulp is moderate and elastic, and the skin feels the most comfortable.
Gently massage and push away
The application of massage on the lotion is more conducive to the absorption of the skin. Massage from the center of the face to do a gentle massage push away, until the skin completely absorbed.
Dosage for fatigue
Generally speaking, the amount of emulsion will not exceed the amount of make-up water, about 1 cents coins size. But if you feel very tired or dark skin sometimes, it means that your skin needs more water and nutrition. At this time, you need to increase the dosage. Use the amount of two or three coins to make your skin get more water and nutrition.
Apply to the neck every time
Some people often use lotion only on their faces and ignore their necks. Actually, the amount of fat secreted in the neck is very small, and they need more water and grease.
Therefore, we must form a skin care habit. Every time we apply skin care products, we should extend the movement to the neck, and apply it to the same skin care products as the face. Moreover, the neck is the key part to reveal the age of women!
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