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The whole body's skin is tight after the bath? Still can rise chip Sao urticant? That's because you haven't used Rui Wei tea oil bath emulsion.

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The weather is dry in autumn and winter, the secretion activity of sweat glands of human body is weakened, the skin of the whole body will be tight and tight, and there will be scurf, sometimes even itchy, especially after the bath, the skin is very dry, so pay special attention to the maintenance of the body skin after the bath.
So why does the skin dry after bath?
The most direct reason is that the outer layer of skin is damaged. This layer of skin is composed of skin cells, lipids and other substances that help to conserve skin water. When the balance of lipid is broken and the skin loses water, skin cells usually unconsciously fall off and accumulate into white skin debris.
In addition, bathing is sweating, so after bathing, it will feel dry. Because of the lack of water, the skin of the face is washed away by the skin and the body is dry. So, after the bath, you must first drink a glass of boiling water and then rub the bath lotion, so that the effective nursing of the skin is achieved.
What kind of skin is dry? Now you can do a small test to see if your skin is in the "dry dangerous period"?
(1) The whole face felt tense.
(2) When touching with the palm, there is no sense of moisture.
(3) The skin of the rest of the body is dry.
(4) Some parts have dry peeling phenomenon.
(5) I feel itchy after taking a bath.
If you have 3 of the above 5 items, it means your skin is already alarming you, and you should take measures as soon as possible.
The sebum membrane on the cuticle of human skin is a natural moisturizing factor. The sebum membrane is most afraid of frequent alkaline stimulation and high temperature damage, otherwise it will cause dry and itchy skin. In the process of bathing, as long as some simple methods are used, the skin can be kept moist and the problem of dryness can be solved.
◆ precautions for bathing
⊙ do not use body wash
When bathing, the key parts such as neck and armpit can be cleaned with bath fluid in proper amount, and other parts of the body can be flushed with warm water.
⊙ the water temperature should not be too hot
The water temperature is controlled at about 35 to 40 degrees Celsius. Generally wash once or twice a week.
⊙ do not scrub too hard
Some people especially like to take a bath, but they don't know that it will damage the skin protective film and cause bacteria to invade the body.
⊙ select the right bath solution
Dry season, do not use too strong alkaline soap, soap, etc.
⊙ skin care after bath
After 5 minutes of bathing, apply the cream of Camellia Neill oil to the body. Prevent skin from drying and scaling.
Kangtingruini Weier
Camellia oil emulsion
Kang Tingrui Nelson tea oil bath has mild properties, soft and delicate texture, softens the cuticle of skin, replenish the moisture of the skin, and can also nourish the skin.
A variety of uses of emulsion after bath.
? after bath milk: keep the body comfortable, moist, smooth and tender.
? facial care: replenish the nutrients of the skin, moisturize and resist wrinkles, which is also very suitable.
? Hand Cream: it's very dry in autumn and winter. You can use it on your hands and feet. The maintenance is simple and not greasy.
Main ingredients:
Natural camellia extract, rose hip oil, jojoba oil, sea buckthorn oil, amino acid moisturizing agent and collagen.
Main efficacy:
Camellia oil contains vitamin E and antioxidants, so it can protect skin, especially prevent skin damage and aging, and make skin shiny. It can resist ultraviolet rays, prevent sunburn, effectively moisturize and retain the oil needed by the skin, and improve the skin sensitivity caused by the stimulation of sweat or dirt. Prevent all kinds of skin wrinkles, repair and reduce skin fine lines, tighten skin.
Rose fruit oil, rich in vitamins A, B, e, linolenic acid and linoleic acid, is suitable for all kinds of skin, especially aging skin, with the function of cell regeneration and anti-aging wrinkle.
Seabuckthorn oil is rich in vitamin A, C, e, P, carotene, flavonoids, essential amino acids and nearly 20 trace elements. It can diminish inflammation, kill bacteria, promote cell regeneration and has special repairing effect on skin.
Amino acid humectant, a new type of humectant with fast absorption and high activity, can rapidly increase the moisture of the skin, stimulate the vitality of cells, keep the skin moist and smooth, and prevent the skin from drying and darkening.
Collagen can increase skin elasticity and improve skin autoimmune function.
usage method:
After bathing, take appropriate amount of this product, evenly smear it on the whole body, massage until it is absorbed.
Specification: 220g
Retail price: 68 yuan
Long term use of the cream of Camellia Nevill tea bath can make the whole skin soft, smooth, dry, tender and elastic, and effectively solve the problem of dry skin. Beauty starts now.
Coating techniques after bath
Timely application of emulsion
Body lotion is usually applied after a bath. It is best when there is still heat on the body. After bathing, try to dry the skin's excess moisture within three minutes. This is the best way to apply the body milk directly, because the skin Mao Kongzheng is in the open state at this time, it is easier to absorb the essence of the product and play a bigger effect.
⊙ care for dry parts
The weather is dry. After the bath, the body skin becomes more and more dryness, especially at the calf and joints. Calves and joints are the easiest places to dry, so take care of them.
⊙ massage after painting
The use of body milk is not the result of even application. It is better to massage properly after the application, so that the skin can absorb the body milk better, promote blood circulation, and improve the utilization rate of body milk.
⊙ keep warm after use
If body milk is used in cold weather, cotton clothes should be put on immediately after the use of body milk to keep the skin warm. Only when the skin is warm can the subsequent absorption be improved and the body milk play a better role.
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