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What's the difference between eye cream and eye essence?

2020-04-06 3892007

With the increase of age, what women are most reluctant to deal with is the problem of recession. The eye area is the most easily freckle prone area. It is not necessary to get old early. At this time, eye care products are needed. One is eye cream and the other is eye essence. What are the differences between the two?
Eye Essence Eye Cream Eye Essence is a semi emulsion liquid. Its texture is refreshing and easy to absorb. It can also be replenished and used at any time according to individual needs and skin condition. Its function is to tighten the skin around the eyes. Eye essence is relatively high concentration of the essence can be aimed at a certain problem of the eye skin attack, for mature skin has appeared in the eyes of fine lines, dark circles, relaxation and edema key points.
Eye cream is one of eye products with thick texture and the strongest ability to lock in moisture. Eye cream is usually the last step of eye care, which will add a variety of nutrients, and has a good nourishing effect on eye skin.
The difference between eye essence and eye cream is that eye essence and eye cream have the same effect on people's eyes. However, the difference between them is the prerequisite for proper application of these two commodities.
In terms of permeability and concentration level, eye essence has relatively small molecular structure, and of course permeability is strong. But the effect of anti-aging is very obvious. Otherwise, eye cream is effective on the surface of the skin, mainly for moisturizing and hydrating.
In terms of texture, eye essence is fresher than eye cream, and its concentration is higher than that of eye essence. But in terms of moisturizing and hydrating properties, the characteristics of eye cream are more prominent, so eye cream in daily life is often used to moisturize and moisturize to attract water.
Eye essence and eye cream contrast, the specific ingredients in it are more detailed, more abundant, penetrate into the skin of the internal work ability is faster than eye cream, and not easy to leave the skin thick feeling. But the eye cream texture is thick, slightly greasy, generally suitable for the age over 40 years old, because there is basically no sebaceous glands and sebaceous glands in the eyes, so the digestion and absorption are not complete, which will immediately cause the production of fat particles, so the beauties should pay attention to it!
Eye essence has less demulsifier, fresher texture, less emulsifier, more penetrating hand feeling, fast penetration, and it is not easy to feel sticky. Without emulsifier, demulsifier and other preparations, the maintenance ingredients are mellower and the actual effect is more rapid.
Eye essence + Eye Cream = double effect. Eye essence has higher nutrition than eye cream. However, the moisturizing effect of eye essence has no eye cream. Therefore, it is not recommended to apply eye essence alone. It can be applied with eye cream. Eye cream is used to moisturize and replenishment. The actual effect of eye care.
Eye cream and eye essence operation 1. Essence is a very nutritious skin care product. When it comes to the essence, everyone's first impression is that the price is high. Indeed, the price of the essence is the same in the same brand. Essence of the texture is more slippery, can make the skin of the eye more youthful, its antioxidant effect is remarkable, remove the black eye circles, dispel the eye bags, many girls love to use.
2. Cleanse the face after cleansing, add proper amount of moisturizing water, moisten the face, replenish water and moisturize. It is very eye. Gently massage can clear up the fatigue of the day. Keep your fingers clean, squeeze the essence into the stomach, rub the essence with your fingers first, then press it gently on the eye skin, from the corner of the eye to the lower eyelid, the corner of the eye to the upper eyelid, and finally return to the corner of the eye. 5 rounds of the same skill can be enough to digest and absorb the essence.
3. After applying the eye essence, apply the eye cream on the ring finger of your right hand, push the eye cream evenly with the other right ring finger, gently press it around the eyes, and gently massage the eyes for five to six times according to the order of the eyes, upper eyelids, eyes and eyes. Push the corner of the eye, the lower circle of the eye and the eye during the whole process. Take the black bean size eye cream with the ring finger of the right hand, rub the belly of the ring finger of the two right hands with each other to heat up the eye cream and make it more easily digested and absorbed by the skin.
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