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MY 29161 Cyclopentasiloxane & Dimethicone

      MY 29161 Cyclopentasiloxane & Dimethicone
      Product name: Cyclopentasiloxane & Dimethicone
      This product is a Cyclopentasiloxan and
       polysiloxane mixture, has high affinity to hair and skin, can form a complete and uniform silicone protective membrane.This product contain volatile compounds, it's an ideal material for hair care products and cream.

      Features and Advantages
      1. Smooth, reduce the friction.
      2. Hydrophobic

      3. Smooth, dry and silky feel.
      4. improve hair gloss.
      5. Strengthen the durability of the other active ingredients to the skin.

      Technical index
      Appearance: colorless transparent liquid
      Viscosity (CST, 25 ℃) :  3500-5000
      Specific gravity: 0.945 to 0.965
      Refractive index:  1.3950 to 1.4050
      Hair conditioner, Hair dressing gel, sun cream, skin-protection and hair glue, etc.

      How to use?
      Operation temperature is less than 50 ℃;
      add the product when the temperature reaches 50 ℃, and stir evenly, then add other components.

      This product has good compatibility with oil soluble cosmetic raw materials such as fats and oils, flavors and fragrances, can dilute with cyclic-polysiloxane and reduce the viscosity.

      Recommended dosage
      hair care products: 3-8%,
      hair tail oil products: 40-50%.

      50Kg plastic drum or 200Kg drum.

      Storage and transportation
      1. Non-dangerous goods.
      2. Away from moisture, to prevent impurities mixed with acid, alkali, etc.
      3. shelf life: 2 years in a sealed room with room temperature.

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