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Details Information

Single-ended hydroxypropyl silicone oil MY2050

Product Name
Single-ended hydroxypropyl silicone oil (oily system)

Other product nameRelease agent, anti-graffiti additive

Product characteristicsReactive single-ended hydroxypropyl silicone oil for use in the synthesis of silicone-polyurethane/polyester block polymers.

Profile Single-ended hydroxypropyl silicone oil is a linear organic functional polysiloxane. Because of the existence of terminal primary hydroxyl group, it can be used as an active component in suitable polymers.

Physical properties

Appearance: Colorless or yellow transparent oily liquid 

CharacteristicsSingle-ended hydroxypropyl silicone oil with a silicone group at one end and a hydroxypropyl group at one end, which combines the silicone feel and anti-graffiti properties, and has a better feel and anti-graffiti than ordinary double-ended hydroxypropyl groups. effect.

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