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Watch the million! Come and feel the temperature of "Bancun men's group" in the affiliated Zhongda Hospital of Southeast University!

2020-05-04 3897077

The story of "Bancun men's regiment" in Zhongda Hospital Affiliated to Southeast University
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Their story touched many people,
They used the post-90s to convey the warmth of the angel in white
Let's see their story together!
They are male nurses from the affiliated Zhongda Hospital of Southeast University and members of the third group of Jiangsu medical team.
They are a beautiful scenery on the farewell ceremony, known as "Bancun men's group".
In this war without smoke of gunpowder, they hold armour in white and interpret the feelings of home and country.
Their story was in an interview with Zhan Yiyun
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Interview with Zhan "Yi" Yun ② Wu Gang, the post-95th nurse: if the patient needs it, I will do it
Interview with "epidemic" cloud
Interview with "epidemic" cloud ④ Gao Wei, the "treasure father" of the post-90s: the cold will disappear, and I will continue to insist
Interview with Zhan "Yi" Yun ⑤ I Zheng Zhizhou, a post-90s nurse: he was a father for the first time, saying goodbye to his own home, but supporting others' home
Plate inch goes out to fight, white clothes hold armour
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