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"Blooming war epidemic youth, firm system confidence!" This special May 4th cloud recording activity is waiting for you!

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"Youth to society
It's fresh and lively
We are in the early spring
"Patriotism, progress, democracy, science"
It's our unchanging creed
May 4th Youth Day is coming
My East cloud recording activity is going online!
Activity introduction
This special May 4th recognition conference will be presented in the form of cloud recording on May 4th Youth Day. When the "epidemic" cloud speech and the "epidemic" cloud chorus show the anti epidemic: we are excited by the story sharing of outstanding youth; the reading of the recognition decision is also exciting.
Introduction to guests
Gu Deyu, member of the third group of Hubei Medical Team in Jiangsu Province, nurse of the Department of critical medicine of the affiliated Zhongda Hospital of Southeast University
On February 2, Gu Deyu went to Wuhan to fight against the epidemic, fighting for nearly 60 days on the front line. He is a nurse with no details, a "trumpet" in the ward, a warm and white heart, and an "angel" to spread culture. With meticulous care, he has brought warmth and strength to many patients who have been isolated for a long time. He has practiced the spirit of Zhongda Hospital, which is "to be virtuous, to work hard, and to do the best". He has interpreted the spiritual tradition of the school motto of Dongda, which is "to stop doing the best". He has also demonstrated Dongda's family and country feelings of "connecting with the world and cherishing the motherland".
Pan Chun, China novel coronavirus pneumonia, the twenty-fourth "China Youth 54 Medal" winner, "advanced individual of the national health system new crown pneumonia prevention and control work", Zhongda Hospital Affiliated to Southeast University chief physician.
When the epidemic situation was severe, Dr. pan Chun was ordered to rush to Hubei at the first time and stick to the ICU post of Jinyintan hospital. Through the implementation of mechanical ventilation, ECMO and other treatment of nearly 150 severe patients, he saved the lives of more than 100 severe patients. He helped formulate the novel coronavirus pneumonia severe critical clinical diagnosis and treatment standard, introduced the treatment situation to the whole country through an exclusive interview, and shared the treatment plan with experts from 7 countries through "cloud dialogue".
Tao Li, Associate Dean, Professor, doctoral director, School of materials science and engineering, Southeast University, Jiangsu Province "entrepreneurship and innovation talents", Youth May 4th medal winner of Southeast University
Professor Tao Li is a scientist who "looks like a student" and "has a baby face". As a post-80s researcher, he not only has the rigorous and pragmatic, pioneering and innovative of scholars, but also has the guidance of teachers, teachers and friends. He led the team to prepare and characterize the silicon field-effect transistor for the first time, which was successively supported by many national and provincial talent projects, and won the Young Scientist Award of 2018 international micro system and Nano Engineering summit.
Chen Jialong, member of the 22nd postgraduate teaching group of Southeast University, 2016 undergraduate of Civil Engineering College
In order to alleviate the worries of the front-line medical staff, the Youth League Committee of the University launched the "caring for the children's voluntary service plan of the anti epidemic and rescue medical staff of the affiliated Zhongda Hospital of Southeast University" to provide online companionship and academic psychological guidance for the children of the front-line medical staff. As volunteers of the "care plan", members of the Graduate School of Southeast University once carried out one-year basic education practice in the central and western regions of China. Chen Jialong is one of the members of this team. He accompanies the children through this time with love and patience.
Wang Zonghui "dongdahao youth", 2016 undergraduate, School of Electronic Science and engineering, Southeast University
Wang Zonghui once served as vice president of Southeast University student entrepreneurship Association, and founded several companies, and has more than 10 core technologies, incubated and operated more than 10 entrepreneurial teams, and won many awards for Internet plus and youth competitions. He is an outstanding representative of innovation and entrepreneurship. With the goal of "taking root in the Chinese land, dare to create, dare to set the trend of the times and write the chapter of life", he has been marching forward bravely, playing his value and realizing his dream on the platform of innovation and Entrepreneurship of Southeast University
College of architecture 011171 Youth League branch Southeast University 2019 national flag Youth League branch (Sipailou campus)
The 011171 Youth League branch of the school of architecture, taking one party member and two preparatory party members as examples, has established a "1 + 2 + 3" branch construction framework consisting of one plan, two platforms and three characteristics, which has set a model for the basic Youth League branch of the school.
War "epidemic" cloud Chorus
Chorus of Southeast University College Art Troupe
Angel of retrograde
If one side is in trouble, support from all sides. During the outbreak, medical personnel from all parts of the country rushed to the front line successively. The chorus of Southeast University, full of respect, sang the original song "retrograde angel" of Southeast University, which is full of the praise of the East adults to the front-line medical staff, and also embodies the good wishes of the East adults to the great motherland.
Still curious about the epidemic?
Here you can see the warmth and emotion under the epidemic
Yearning for "open and linked" college life?
Here are successful experiences and University strategies
Here's the live address!
The seat is already occupied, it's just like you!
Let's "cloud" together!
Picture and text Liu Liping
Typesetting by Xu Mingwei
Typesetting Wei Shilong
Edited by Chen Qiuyu

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