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Good news! Southeast University 015151 regiment branch was awarded "National May 4th Red Flag regiment branch"!

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Recently, the decision of the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League on Commending "National Excellent Communist Youth League members", "National Excellent Communist Youth League cadres" and "National May 4th Red Flag Youth League Committee (League branch)" was released, and the 015151 League branch of our university was awarded the honorary title of "National May 4th Red Flag Youth League branch".
Congratulations to group 015151, School of architecture, Southeast University
Won the honorary title of "National May 4th Red Flag League branch"!
Branch introduction
They come here admiring the scenery,
Yearning for the noble moral character of "high mountains, scenery".
They practice the great spirit of "chewing vegetable roots and doing great things".
They bear in mind the firm vow of "never forget their original heart, never forget their mission".
They pursue the lofty realm of "striving for new perfection and stopping at perfection", and strive to grow into "a first-class leading soldier with world vision, Chinese feelings and Oriental temperament".
In August 2015, group branch 015151 of Landscape Department of Architecture College of Southeast University was officially established. Walking along the same road and enjoying the same scenery, the stories of 30 landscape gardeners are connected by "scenery". They build scenery in the same boat, ask about the scenery, explore the scenery in the book mountain, brighten the scenery slightly, enjoy the scenery, and improve the scenery day by day, so as to achieve the perfection.
01 build "scenery" in the same boat
The construction of the branch is from top to bottom and permeated layer by layer. The Youth League Committee of the college leads the development of the branch, the branch tutor guides the construction of the branch, and establishes the Youth League group based on the enclosure of the studio, so as to jointly form the vertical and horizontal organizational structure of the Youth League branch with the combination of vertical specialty and flat class.
The party has a call and the league has action. The branch implements the system of "three meetings, two systems and one lesson", takes the spirit of the branch as the core, the organizational structure as the clue, and the rock plan as the cohesion opportunity to help the branch improve its growth.
There are various forms of theme group courses. ——Wu jieying, a member of the Youth League Committee of the college, held a special flag raising ceremony to celebrate the birthday of the motherland and gather patriotic feelings. Teacher Ji qianju, a class teacher, held a class meeting with the Youth League class to clarify the relationship between her major and the development of the motherland, and the fit between her mission and the national goal, so as to lead the Youth League members to pursue their dreams and realize their dreams. The Youth League Secretary held a "new thought open class", Study Xi Jinping's socialist ideology with China's characteristics in the new era, interpret the spirit of the important speech, and strengthen the ideals and beliefs of Youth League members.
He sang all the way and won the honorary titles of "advanced class collective", "excellent learning style model class", "national flag League branch", "May 4th Red Flag League branch of Jiangsu Province", "excellent class collective of Jiangsu Province" and "May 4th Red Flag League branch of China" of Southeast University.
02 ask "Jing" in practice
Social Vientiane is their fertile land. In the weak year, they think about the collective, the society and the times, and spread their feelings of home and country through social practice and "rock plan".
The social practice of the branch has achieved fruitful results. The "Nanjing on the tip of the tongue" project has been nominated as one of the top ten social practice projects of Southeast University and reported by Nanjing TV station.
· 2016
In 2016, "inside the wall, outside the swing wall", based on the 13th five year plan of "no longer building closed residential quarters", combined with professional learning, grasp the pulse of the times of national construction and development.
"Generation album 90, 90", thinking about General Secretary Xi's expectation for young people in the new era, focusing on himself and watching the characteristics and roles of the post-90s era, leading young people to combine their personal goals and national development and construction.
In 2018, "one belt, one road, one civilization, one civilization, one another", and the other nineteen, the "professional and practical".
Support epidemic prevention and control in various ways. Record the video of "cheer for Wuhan", carry out theme activities, express the feelings of young landscape people under the epidemic situation; participate in the "warm heart help pair", connect with Hubei schoolmates and alumni, learn to punch in and solve the doubts.
The 015151 Youth League branch has been setting up key projects of the school level rock project for three consecutive years. The single event participants and those affected by the exhibition covered the group, and more than 200 people from the academy and the society, who "know and do together, and improve day by day".
03 "scenery" of Book Mountain
There is a way in the book mountain, but there is no end to the map. Drawing models show their talents - behind the 13 course assignments, there are more than 450 exquisite drawings, more than 1000 exquisite models and more than 60 excellent assignments.
The enthusiasm for extracurricular research and learning is high. In 2017, three fifths of national and provincial innovation projects were contracted by one fifth of the college.
"Machinery" joint teaching, members lead the "virtual instrument", with profit and loss theory to elaborate the unique balance and introversion of Chinese style, invited to Venice Biennale.
Academic expansion and fruitful achievements: World Heritage mapping, professional international competitions, and excellent case visits are the directions for us to explore hand in hand; practice the real knowledge and keep on walking: Urban observation and renewal, community transformation and upgrading, and garden investigation and practice are the battlefields for us to go together.
Zhiyu Zhishan has won 22 national scholarships, President scholarships, outstanding students, outstanding student cadres and other school level and above scholarships and more than 100 awards. They march forward bravely.
04 micro, good and bright "scenery"
It is the belief of branch 015151 members to light up the dim light with their own goodness. As the volunteer team of the Third International Symposium on digital landscape, the 2015-151 Youth League branch sincerely cooperates to help hold the conference, create a grand scene for the academic community, plan exhibition, register, logistics, and be able to do everything; the former Engineering Institute, Yifu Building, and Zhongda yard are all thriving.
The "little architect" led by the branch members is an excellent volunteer team of Jiangsu Province. Under the guidance of the Youth League Committee and the guidance of the college Party committee and the Youth League Committee, he is committed to the cultivation of children's public participation consciousness, the cultivation of the hero consciousness and the construction and renewal of the community environment; "southeast China new building competition", "trial - volunteer guidance for senior high school students", "Chengxian micro class", "public cycling" ”In more than 20 volunteer activities, there are members of the branch working hard.
05 "view" of joy
They are the mainstay of the League Association and the society. They are busy in the celebration of the Academy. The 24 solar terms of cultural creation, the video of lijiu mixin, the special issue of the Academy, and the red scarf of sycamore are all their intentions.
Southeast University campus cultural and creative production
(Cao Xi and Chen Xuechun participate)
Red scarf of sycamore
(designed by Xie Qizheng under the guidance of Shen Ying)
New video
(Cao Xi's contribution to the ink rendering of the courtyard)
Layout of the special issue of the celebration
(participated by Yang Yuxin, Chen Xuechun and Li Xin)
They are the first group in the college sports meeting. They laugh and eat chicken during the festival. They are kind and reliable in the eyes of their younger brothers and sisters. The sound of landscape on wechat platform is heard far and wide. They "move like a rabbit, and become better every day.".
This is them, 015151.
All embracing, all flowers bloom. Down to earth, with dreams in mind. They take self-confidence, self-improvement, vigorous as the background color, to forge ahead, brave innovation as the colorful. We are willing to set up our lofty ideals, unite with each other, and strive for a better future in the future.
Like the 015151 regiment branch!
This issue is provided by the Youth League Committee of the school of Architecture
Editor: Chang Xiaoxu

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