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Southeast University 2020 postgraduate network remote retest program!

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In 2020, our university adopts the network remote way for the postgraduate reexamination, and plans to use the "online interview platform for graduate enrollment of Southeast University" (hereinafter referred to as the "online interview platform") in a unified way. The reexamination time is mid to late May, and the specific time is arranged and notified by each institute (Department).
Each college (Department) will publish the detailed rules of re examination admission on its website in the near future. Please check.
1、 Before May 5, candidates who have obtained the re examination qualification must complete all procedures in strict accordance with the requirements of the instructions for the re examination of Postgraduates in 2020 of Southeast University (issued on April 26).
Note: candidates who fail to pay the retest fee online, upload the qualification review materials or fail to pass the material review will not be able to enter the "remote interview platform" of our university to participate in the follow-up retest.
2、 From May 6, candidates can log in the "Southeast University Master's reexamination list query system" and query the qualification review status on the "candidates' reexamination data upload" page.
Tips: candidates who fail to pass the qualification examination can consult the college in time if they have any doubts.
3、 Before the formal retest, each department will organize the candidates who pass the qualification examination to log in the "online interview platform" for online equipment testing and simulation interview.
Note: please keep your mobile phone unblocked by sending a message at the specific time; please download the attachment "operation guide for candidates of online interview platform for graduate enrollment of Southeast University" in advance, study carefully and be familiar with the procedure.
4、 Network remote retest requirements
1. Retest system
Our university uses the "online interview platform for graduate enrollment of Southeast University" in a unified way. In order to ensure a stable effect, candidates are required to log in using computer equipment (desktop computer, laptop computer, tablet computer) with video and voice functions; other video conference software can be used as a backup system (to be notified separately) by the College (Department), and candidates can log in using computers or smartphones.
2. Basic requirements for equipment configuration
1 computer + 1 mobile phone; or 2 computers.
Computer: it is recommended that candidates use laptops for interview. If the camera and microphone configured by the computer are of good effect, they can be used directly. If it is an ordinary PC, it needs to be equipped with a camera, microphone and speaker, which can carry out QQ and wechat video call functions normally. Please charge the laptop in advance. It is better to connect the power supply. The mobile phone is a smart phone with high-quality video call function.
Operating system: Windows 8 and above is recommended. You need to download and install the latest version of Chrome browser in advance. Download address of Chrome browser: https://www.google.cn/intl/zh-cn/chrome/. Apple's operating system also supports it. Apple's operating system can only use its own Safari browser.
Network: it is recommended that candidates connect their computers to the wired network to participate in the interview. Do not use the wireless network shared by many people to prevent the network from being interrupted during the interview. Check whether the network is unblocked in advance, and close all irrelevant computer programs in advance, especially wechat, QQ and other software easy to pop up windows. During the retest, the equipment used is not allowed to run other web pages or software, and the equipment must be in a state of no disturbance to ensure that the retest process is not disturbed or interrupted by other factors, and there is no audio-visual interaction with the outside world. Other electronic equipment in the retest room must be closed.
3. Environmental requirements for retest
Candidates must conduct remote interview in an independent, closed, quiet and bright room, and the network signal quality in the room must meet the demand of video call. Except for the examinee himself, no other person can be in the room or enter the room, and no other voice is allowed. Before the interview, the staff shall cooperate with the video to check the surrounding environment. The surrounding environment shall not interfere with the retest.
4. Equipment placement requirements
As the main equipment of remote interview, the computer logging into the "online interview platform" must face the examinee in the right direction, turn on the whole retest process, and the camera is facing the examinee. The candidates shall adjust the video picture according to the requirements: face the camera without crown on the front, and the line of sight cannot leave the screen. During the retest, the head, shoulder and hands shall always be in the middle of the video picture to ensure that the whole process is within the video recording range.
If a computer or smart phone is used to log in the video conference software as a standby system, it shall be placed according to the specified requirements, and the retest shall be started in the whole process.
5. Personal appearance requirements
During the retest, "online interview platform" will collect image information of candidates and conduct identity verification. Candidates are required not to over groom their appearance, wear sunglasses, hats, headdresses, masks, etc., hair shall not cover their face, and the face image in the video must be clear.
6. Emergency handling
Before participating in the remote interview, candidates should check the electronic equipment network repeatedly and make sure it is unblocked, close any application that may affect the whole process of the retest, and keep the mobile phone communication unblocked.
During the retest, in case of disconnection of the candidates, the staff of the retest team will call the candidates at the first time to continue the question and answer. Please answer within 1 minute after the phone rings. In case of overtime, the retest will be abandoned automatically.
5、 Network retest process
Please read the operation guide for candidates of online interview platform for graduate enrollment of Southeast University carefully, be familiar with the retest process, and prepare for the interview as required.
6、 Precautions
1. Please prepare your valid ID card and other materials required in the detailed rules of the Department (Note: materials not required by the Department shall not be carried).
2. Candidates should carry out network test in advance to ensure smooth network. The power supply of mobile phone, computer and tablet shall be stable and sufficient. In case of any accident during the retest, contact the staff in time or deal with it according to the emergency measures for network disconnection.
3. Candidates are not allowed to leave the venue without permission before the end of the retest. If a candidate is unable to participate in the retest within the specified time due to his / her personal reasons and still fails to enter the site after being reminded by the staff by SMS or phone, he / she shall be deemed to have automatically given up the retest qualification, and the consequences shall be borne by the candidate.
4. Candidates who do have difficulties in the network retest due to the limited environment and conditions must submit the information materials to the school (Department) of application before May 8.
7、 Illegal handling of retest
According to the regulations of the Ministry of education, candidates who violate the regulations of enrollment management and the discipline of the examination room and affect the fairness and justice of enrollment shall be dealt with in accordance with the measures for the treatment of violations of national education examination. For students in school, their school shall punish them according to relevant regulations until they are expelled from school; for on-the-job candidates, the unit where the candidates belong shall be notified, and the party discipline or political discipline shall be punished by the unit according to the circumstances. The illegal and cheating facts of examinees shall be recorded in the archives of examinees' integrity of national education examination and personnel archives of examinees.
The above content comes from the graduate recruitment network of Southeast University
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Students who need to adjust can pay attention to the following official account of WeChat. Every day they will remind them to update their content every day. Now they have begun the reexamination, but they can not find the reexamination questions.
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