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Tuqing postgraduate entrance examination Journal

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Basic information of institutions
Nature of institutions: 211, 985, double first class
Location: Nanjing, Jiangsu
Enrollment: (120500) library information and archives management
Enrollment College: School of economics and management
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Master's degree program
Training objectives
The cultivation of postgraduates studying for academic degree should meet the needs of socialist construction in China, and cultivate all kinds of high-level specialized talents with all-round development of morality, intelligence and physique and innovative spirit.
The specific requirements are as follows:
(1) Master the basic principles of Marxism, adhere to the party's basic line and principles, love the motherland, abide by disciplines and laws, have good moral character, rigorous style of study, have the spirit of career and dedication to science, and are willing to serve the socialist modernization.
(2) Master solid basic theories and systematic expertise in the discipline; have the ability to engage in scientific research or undertake specialized technical work independently. For details, please refer to the postgraduate training plan of each discipline (Major).
Course description
1. Credits for compulsory courses shall be completed within one academic year after enrollment.
2. Professional elective courses should be selected according to the needs of students' knowledge structure and paper work in the opening catalogue of that year.
3. During the semester, the master students should participate in the innovation and entrepreneurship practice training, which is generally competition, teaching practice, production practice (clinical practice) or social investigation. It is required to submit the summary report to the graduate Secretary of the Department after being signed and approved by the tutor, and take 3 credits.
4. Choose to listen to lectures on Humanities and scientific literacy: Master students should choose to listen to at least 8 lectures before the mid-term assessment, and each master student must choose to listen to lectures on scientific ethics and style of study, law and mental health at least once each. Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan master's degree students and international master's degree students should attend at least three lectures before the mid-term assessment. 1 credit will be counted after passing the examination.
5. Participate in academic activities and academic paper writing training: Master students should participate in academic activities at least twice within the scope of the discipline during the semester, and write one academic paper, which will be published in the academic report meeting of graduate students or other academic journals after being signed and approved by the tutor. Before applying for the defense, the written materials signed by the tutor shall be submitted to the graduate Secretary of the Department for 1 credit.
Training requirements
(1) Training plan
According to the requirements of the professional training program of this subject and in combination with their own specific circumstances, the master students should make a training plan under the guidance of their tutors within two weeks after enrollment.
(2) Opening report
The master's opening report shall be completed within the third semester after enrollment, and can be applied for defense at least half a year after the opening report is approved. For details, please refer to the principles and requirements for topic selection and opening report of graduate thesis of Southeast University.
(3) Interim assessment
The master students should complete the mid-term examination before the end of the third semester. The mid-term assessment includes: course learning, completion of opening report and innovation research potential, etc. The details shall be carried out in accordance with the measures for mid-term assessment of postgraduate students of Southeast University.
(4) Innovation and entrepreneurship practice training
Master students should take part in innovation and entrepreneurship practice training, which can generally include competition, teaching practice, production practice (clinical practice) and social investigation.
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