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Shi low price!!! The green bottle family is suitable for oil pox muscle HR Helena green treasure bottle can give light emulsion to fold up folded only 88 euro can be collected! It's 56% off! Domestic price 1280 yuan!

2020-05-04 3897090

Promotion of Detao:
Helena Rubinstein Helena green bottle, the original price of light lotion is 156 euro. Now the discount is only 88 euro, it can be collected!!! It's 56% off! Domestic price 1280 yuan!!!
The biggest worry of the sensitive skin is to worry about giving too many skin care products to the skin, not only failing to achieve the effect of skin care, but also frowning. This can clear emulsion just solves this problem. Water and light texture stand in Asian skin research and development, natural 0 mineral oil added oil-free feeling second absorption, skin completely no burden! It contains the essence of natural spirulina, which can effectively resist oxidation and make the skin bright and energetic! 24h long-term moisturizing, strong skin barrier, oil skin use more healthy! Dry skin and choose some thick green bottle cream.
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