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How should I choose the lotion and cream?

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Many people are hesitant between the cream and the cream. I don't know which one to choose. Today I will explain the difference between them in detail.
1. The difference between lotion and cream.
1. Differences in use
Because of its light texture, crisp texture, it is more easily absorbed by skin and suitable for four seasons. Cream is not suitable for use in summer. Because of its rich oil content, it is strong moisturizing and moisturizing effect, usually a gospel for dry skin, but it keeps oily skin at a distance.
2. Functional differences
The cream has a definite daily frost and night frost. The biggest feature of day cream is to protect, isolate, reduce the harm of ultraviolet rays, pollution and so on to the skin. Generally speaking, it contains SPF sun protection index; while night cream focuses on repairing and nourishing, which is more nutritious than day cream. It can quickly repair tired skin at night, eliminate tired appearance, and let the soft, smooth and tender skin return again.
The classification of emulsion is relatively simple. Usually it is divided into moisturizing lotion and whitening lotion according to specific efficacy. But you can also see if it has protective function. If it is this type of emulsion, it is more suitable for daytime use.
3. Difference in texture
From the appearance, emulsion is liquid and cream is paste. In terms of ductility and absorption speed, it is obvious that the former is better. This is mainly because the water content of the emulsion is relatively high, easy to push away, absorb quickly, penetrate into the skin and muscle bottom quickly, and the nutritional ingredients of the cream are relatively rich, often more viscous, and occasionally with some heavy and sticky feeling, so we need to pay special attention to this when choosing.
Generally speaking, the current winter season should be the best opportunity for the cream to maximize its effectiveness. According to its own needs, the emulsion should be a standing item in the family. It is suitable for all seasons, and the cost performance is even higher. In the present season, if you feel very dry, you can add a layer of cream on the base of the emulsion, lock the skin moisture and strengthen the moisturizing.
Two. Proper use of cream and lotion.
1. Use moisturizing lotion first
Imagine that there are two sponges, a wet, and totally dry piece of water dripping on each of these two sponges. Obviously, the wet sponge can absorb moisture faster and better. Therefore, the conclusion is that in order to make your cream better absorbed, remember to use moisturizing lotion before locking cream, and lock the natural moisture in the skin.
Instead of using essence every day before face cream, try changing the essence before applying the mask, then apply the mask, replenish the water or moisturize the mask. It only needs one to two times a week, not only reduces the daily skin care steps, but also can get better skin care effect, because the effective ingredients in the essence will be better absorbed. Of course, after finishing the mask, remember to apply the night cream again.
2. Pre heating cream.
Feel that your face cream is rich and greasy and can not absorb it. Before using it, clean hands and heat the cream with finger temperature to make it reach the right temperature, so as to better blend with the skin.
3. Be patient
The effectiveness of a cream is not apparent in three days, but takes about two months. To put it in a simile, it takes time for your skin to hear, understand and execute the information contained in those effects. It takes at least three weeks for the skin cells to absorb the cream from inside to outside, and then the new cells grow to the surface, which takes another three weeks. So don't blame your face cream for its ineffectiveness. First cultivate your patience.
4. Make sure to absorb and fall asleep again
You must ensure that the night cream that you put on before bed is completely absorbed by the skin, as long as the cream is floating on the skin surface, once the skin touches the pillow, the coated cream will be rubbed off. If necessary, you can gently blow the face with the hair dryer to help the skin absorb the cream faster.
5. Not easy DIY
Adding vitamin capsules into the cream does not increase the efficacy of the cream, because the mixture you mix is not homogeneous with the cream itself, so it is almost useless.

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