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What are the characteristics of silicone polyether defoamer?

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What are the characteristics of silicone polyether defoamer?
Silicone polyether antifoaming agent

Active ingredients: polysiloxane, polyether copolymer, efficient dispersant

Appearance: This product is milky white viscous liquid; Non-volatile matter: 25±1%; PH value: 6-8;

Stability: (3000 RPM /20 min) no stratification; Ionic characteristics: non-ionic type.

Temperature resistance: 130℃ no demulsification, no oil drift, no stratification.

Method of use:

1. Coating industry: add after dilution, the dosage is 0.1-0.2‰;

2, paper industry: pulping, pulp washing, paper making, glue process can be added after dilution, the dosage of 0.1-0.3‰.

3. This antifoaming agent imported by Guangbai has excellent antifoaming ability. It is recommended to add it before the medium is not foaming, which can effectively inhibit the foaming

Application: It is a long-acting anti-foaming polyeTHER modified silicone antifoaming agent specially developed for high temperature, high pressure, acid and alkali conditions. This product chooses polyether copolymer with strong hydrophilicity and durable anti-foaming and polysiloxane with strong hydrophobicity and rapid foaming as the main components of the compound production. This PRODUCT IS DIFFERENT FROM THE GENERAL emulsion ANTIfoaming AGENT, it has THE characteristics of SELF-EMULSIfication, after undergoing high temperature sterilization, can automatically restore the emulsion state, will not be in the foaming system deMULSIfication, bleaching oil, STRATIfication, with high temperature, high pressure resistance, acid, alkali resistance, shear, rapid antifoaming, lasting excellent performance. Due to the use of efficient dispersant, evenly dispersed in the foaming system, antifoaming and antifoaming effect is remarkable, compared with the same specification of ordinary silicone antifoaming agent, only 60% dosage can meet the requirements of antifoaming and antifoaming, high cost performance. At THE same time, this product in the normal and conventional use conditions of antifoaming, efficacy is also excellent, in the fermentation industry can replace polyether antifoaming agent. In addition, emulsion silicone defoamer also has many excellent characteristics, such as: thermal stability, cold resistance is very good, high safety performance, chemical inertness and so on. Therefore, silicone defoaming agent can be used in all foaming liquid, and can improve product quality, improve work efficiency, improve the environment and other aspects play a role

Widely used in printing and dyeing, paint, dye, oil field, sewage treatment and other fields of defoaming.

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