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What are the uses of silicon?

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What are the uses of silicon?

At present, there are more than 4000 kinds of raw materials, intermediates, products and products for more than 10,000 kinds of silicone products: 1 silicone monomer: mainly refers to the organic silicone polymer monomer such as chlorosilane, methyl chlorosilane, phenyl chlorosilane, vinyl chlorosilane and other raw materials, 2 silicone intermediates: mainly refers to the linear or annular siloxane oligomer hexamethyldisiloxane (MM) , octadecylcyclotetrasiloxane (d 4) , dimethylepoxy siloxane mixture (DMC) and other 3 silicone products and products: through the polymerization of the intermediates and adding various types of machine fillers or modifiers, the main silicone rubber (high temperature vulcanized silicone rubber room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber) , silicone oil and secondary products, silicone resin and silane coupling agent four types of silicone rubber re-pass molding, extrusion vulcanization process conductive keys, sealing rings, swimming caps and other end-direct supplies. Silicone monomer, although the original raw materials for producing silicone are limited to a few kinds of silicone monomers, which account for 90% of the total amount of dimethyldichlorosilane and phenylchlorosilane, which account for 90% of the total amount of monomers, some varieties or lack of raw materials, such as outer trimethylchlorosilane, ethyl and propyl chlorosilane, vinyl chlorosilane, etc. , organochlorosilane (methylchlorosilane, phenylchlorosilane, vinyl chlorosilane) foundation of Silicon Industry Methylchlorosilane is the pillar of silicon industry where organosilicon polymers are used to make polydimethylsiloxane base polymers from dimethyldichlorosilane raw materials, which are then introduced into their groups, such as phenyl, vinyl, chlorophenyl and fluoroalkyl, to meet special needs. Methylchlorosilane production processes are technically and technically difficult, and capital-intensive industries require companies outside of these industries to build large-scale factories to build and process products according to their uses and market conditions, silicone monomers are hydrolyzed (or alcoholized) and cracked to produce various silicone-silicone-silicone elastomers, silicone oils, and direct raw materials of silicone resins, including linear or annular siloxane oligomers III, silicone rubber, such as hexamethyldisiloxane, hexamethylcyclotrisiloxane (d3) , octadecylcyclotetrasiloxane (d4) , and dimethylcyclosiloxane mixture (DMC) , high and low temperature resistance excellent silicone rubber with wide working temperature range (-100 ~ 350 ° C) according to its curing mechanism, free radical cross-linking type (heat curing type) and polycondensation type (room temperature curing type) plus reaction type

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