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Can polyether modified silicone oil stabilize foam

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Can polyether modified silicone oil stabilize foam

Polyether-modified silicone oil (organosilicon polyether) is a kind of organosilicon non-ionic surfactant with unique performance, which is prepared by grafting and copolymerization of polyether and dimethylsiloxane. By changing the number of silicone oil chain segments (hydrogen content) or changing the ratio of polyether EO to PO, and changing the number of chain segments and end groups, organosilicon polyether with different performance can be obtained to meet the needs of various industries.
Special properties of polyether modified silicone oil
1. Efficient foam stability, especially widely used in polyurethane foam homogenizing system.
2. Low surface tension, excellent wetting and spreading performance, can be used as wetting agent or spreading agent.
3. Excellent leveling performance, suitable for various systems to improve leveling effect.
4. Excellent wear resistance, softness and adhesion resistance, which can be used to improve the adhesion resistance of polyurethane resin.
5. Good emulsification and demulsification performance, suitable for oil-water separation in some special occasions.


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