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What is the specific use of high-hydrogen silicone oil?

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What is the specific use of high-hydrogen silicone oil?

Under the action of metal salt catalyst, the high hydrogen silicone oil can be crosslinked to form a film at low temperature, and form a waterproof film on the surface of various materials. It can be used as a waterproof agent for fabrics, glass, ceramics, paper, leather, metal, cement, marble and other materials, especially for fabrics. Methyl hydrosilicone oil lotion is shared with methyl hydroxysilicone oil lotion, which can be waterproof, maintain the permeability of the fabric, improve the tear strength, friction strength and antifouling of the fabric, and improve the hand feel and sewing performance of the fabric. In addition, it can be used as anti-sticking isolating agent and crosslinking agent for paper.
The specific uses are as follows:
1. Special raw materials for antifouling and antifouling (liquid A and B) of architectural ceramics.
2. Moisture-proof and hydrophobic treatment of natural stone, marble, polished brick and building substrate.
3. Special waterproof agent for waterproof gypsum board, gypsum waterproof board, gypsum block and other products, with water absorption less than 10%, conforms to national standards.
4. The synthesis of various modified silicone oils, such as polyether silicone oil, is a necessary material for polyurethane foam stabilizer, paint running agent, silicone fabric finishing agent and hydrophilic silicone oil.
5. Waterproof agent and softener for natural and synthetic fiber fabrics, silk, leather, such as cotton, silk, acrylic fiber, polyester and other kinds of fiber soft finishing, are mainly used in the way of hydrogen containing silicone oil lotion or hydrogen containing lotion combined with hydroxyl silicone oil lotion. 6. Waterproof and anti-sticking agent for paper, waterproof and softening agent for glass fiber.
7. It is used for moisture-proof and hydrophobic treatment of dry powder materials such as dry powder fire extinguishing agent, electrical grade magnesium oxide powder, calcium carbonate, etc.
8. It is used as anti-yellowing agent for high-temperature fluidizing silicone rubber, and additive silicone rubber series products are used as cross-linking agent, and can also be used to dilute silicone rubber ink.


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